Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Sunday

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Easter Family!

How did you all celebrate Easter?!

I hope you all had a fabulous Easter! Mine was very different than past ones. First off it was fast Sunday. Rough but so worth every hungry moment. And it made the Sees candy that Mom and Dad send so much better once I broke my fast. We had testimony meeting with our normal branch and then a giant sacrament meeting with the whole MTC and can I just say that was one of the neatest experiences of my life over 3000 missionaries. Bishop Causse, the presiding bishop, came and spoke and so did his wife. His English was excellent and she said that we all understand how she feels because many of us are learning another language. So true. It was really neat because then later that night after the devotion (who was Sheri Dew...can I just say I am soo blessed?!) we get to chose a recording of previous MTC devotionals to go watch and we went to an Elder Utchdorf one and his wife has an accent as well and she said the same exact thing. It is so true and I know that the Lord is helping us all with our language so that we can share the gospel with others. What matters more though is the spirit and when they were both speaking they were speaking to us with the spirit. Bishop Causse quoted Les Mis and then Sheri Dew showed and old candid camera video so its like I wasn't really at the MTC. It was a great day! Back to the sacrament part. It is like every Sunday we celebrate Easter because we are remembering the Atonement and bread and water of symbolic of Christ. Easter feels more like a time of starting over to me than New Years does because of that reason. And how amazing is it that we can experience that same feeling of rebirth and starting over all the time because of the Atonement? Something my branch president said is that through the Atonement our highs get higher and we still have lows but those get higher as well over time. What a great thought! I know that is true because I have seen is in my own life. This week has really been a testament to me of how much the Lord loves us and how mindful he is of each of us. He knows us, our needs and wants.

Mom and Dad thank you so much for the Easter Package because lets be honest Easter is about Christ and Sees candy right? (especially those chocolate eggs) and the conference Package! Imagine my surprise when I got a package slip at lunch and at dinner! So great. The sisters I live with oood and awwed over the conference package, which I loooved! You mentioned earlier that I need to keep up with my journal, but it me. I am almost done with the first journal.... problem. So if you ever feel like you want to send me something you could send me a pack of those moleskin journals I love and if you want to included the 2 skinny belts from my closet the brown and black braided ones those would be much appreciated. Dad don't worry the ones you got me for Christmas are being used. One is where I've had leaving missionaries write a little note. Loved the story about Billy.

Ok so yesterday's devotional was amazing! It was Elder Michael T. Ringwood of the seventy and he talked about enduring to the end. And that phrase has always reminded me of you, Mom, because of your name. You always said it in reference to “ette” like the end of you name. So that's a fun connection. Ok but he talked a lot about how we go on missions and the teach us how to endure to the end and then we teach our children and they teach their children. And a mission is where God teaches you everything you need to endure to the end for the rest of your life. He said that elder andersen came when he was a mission president in Korea and told those missionaries that how you judge how good a mission president is by the missionaries he teaches grandchildren. The whole devotional made me think about Grandma a lot because he talked about the plan of salvation and how missions prepare you for the greatest work ever which will be done within the walls of your homes. and then this morning I read Granddad's wonderful email to me and I almost bawled. But I kept it together. Ok so this made me think about Grandma because imagine how amazing her mission president must have been because she then went on 2 more mission with Granddad and look how many of her grandchildren have served missions and look how many more are in the process of going! It was amazing. And I felt her with me when I went through the temple and I feel like she is watching over me every day since I've got to the MTC. He said that when you have hard times think about your family who prays for you at home so I just want to thank all of you for that! And I know that there are others on the other side of the veil who are doing the same thing, like Grandma is. After Tuesday's devotionals we have district devotional review with the district and a member of the branch presidency and their wife and it was such a good one this week. Enduring to the end is probably the most important of the doctrine of Christ and it is the one as missionaries we do not get to see in our converts. It is a continual process of the first two principle of the gospel. Faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement and repentance. The gospel is perfect. That's all I need to say.

Last night the Branch President asked me to fill the role of coordinating sister for our branch. This means that when we get a new bunch of missionaries in the zone. I go with the zone leaders and we orient them a bit on Thursday night. Every night I will go visit all the sisters in the zone and make sure everything is good and report to the branch presidency. That part is going to take out huge chunks of my journaling time every night but I know it will be worth it. Also it takes out of class time during the week but since I am doing well with Hungarian that will be ok.

Wild thing, this morning when we went to our assigned temple session you will never guess who I saw there?! Tori Cornelison and her mom! Wild. The Mormon world is a small one. Speaking of temples a friend mailed me family names to do for him both male and female and the elders in my district were ecstatic to get them. Family History is great!

I didn't even mention my investigators! ok well since I guess that are just my teachers pretending it isn't that big of a deal. we asked Zsolt to read the first 2 chapters in the book of mormon because they are about a family following the Lord's will for them and we are trying to get him to see the importance of brining his family to church (he couldn't come to church this week but Andras came and loved it, they don't really come we invite and then in the next lesson after the weekend we say how was church we don't even give them the opportunity to say the weren't there...sneaky) and meeting with us and things. and he read all of first Nephi but then did read what we asked him to this last time. so there is something going on and hopefully tonight we will figure it out. Andras is doing well but there is something holding both of them back from baptism because they say they both don't know enough but that is an excuse.

I am beyond excited for conference. We get to watch the Young Women's broadcast while the elders go to priesthood. I've heard it is good! it will be different watching it here but good and then Sunday I have training for my assignment as coordinating sister.

Ok well peace and blessings


Grigg Nover

Second Email

I forgot to tell you the April Fools joke our teach played on us. He came in and said. Did you hear the good news? and we were like that you can email anyone not in your mission friends and family? and he was like no that your branch president got a call from the mission president in Hungary and the moved up your departure date. You are leaving in two weeks. My heart literally stopped. I thought I was going to faint. The only thing I would be able to tell them is that God love them and recite the first vision (that is right I totally have it memorized) (ok I'm exaggerating a little) I am super gullible. and we went on for a minute or two and he told us a week ago that they have basically taught us all the grammar principles because there is only 2 of us so they can go fast. So I believed them then I remembered it was April Fools and called him on it. It was all good after. But still heart sziv stopped.

ok love
Grigg Nover

Sister Grigg's district

The sisters Sister Grigg lives with

Enjoying some Easter candy

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