Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Week 3

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 

It is P-Day!

First off thank you so much for doing my mission blog. I've had several friends tell me it is great so thank you!

Dad if you want to just send the link to the blog that Ally has created that would be great. Just send it out once to both lists, and we should be good. Thank you for the earphones. I gave the other pair to my companion. Gym is fun. It was more fun when all the Hungarians were here and there was also 2 great Spanish districts that had gym at the same time too. There are 2 gyms. One is more of a sports gym. Volleyball, foursquare, basketball, and a track. And some weights. The other is more of a fitness center like thing and that is were the headphones can plug in.

So the past week has been so good! Things are going very well with the language and my teaching skills are improving. We taught Andras for the third time yesterday and I think that was the best time where we were able to listen and teach by the spirit. He has been struggling with knowing that God exists and loves him and won't pray about it so after I talked about the Atonement I felt very impressed to have us all kneel down right then and ask him to pray. So I did and he said a lovely prayer and I think that conveyed how important we believe and know it is to pray. He said he felt good afterwards so we explained to him that was the Holy Ghost. He says the Restoration and Joseph Smith is very logical. What an interesting choice of word. Andras said he would be baptized once he knows that it is true. It was such a testament to me of how it isn't the missionaries who are converting people but rather it is the Spirit. We are merely an instrument in the Lord's hands. Zsolt we have now taught 4 times and we teach him again tonight. He said he wants to read more of the Book of Mormon before he will be baptized. Zsolt came to church on Sunday and said he enjoyed it, but it was way longer than any other church he's been to. That is true. Fun fact at the MTC, we don't do Sunday school and sacrament meeting is only 1 hour long. Then Relief Society is with all of the sisters in the MTC, which is triple the number it used to be. And they always have someone amazing come speak. Last week it was the primary general president. This sunday since it is Easter, there is a MTC wide sacrament meeting. How cool is it that I will be taking the sacrament at the same time as 3000 other representatives of Jesus Christ who were called by God to preach his gospel? One of the 12 is coming and since we made it into choir for the week, we are guaranteed a spot! I am so excited. Speaking of general authorities how amazing is it that we have a prophet who receives revelation from our Heavenly Father on how to lead the church? The more I learn and teach the restoration the more I know how true that really is and how much God loves us because he has given us prophets who lead us today. I am way excited for General conference coming up (also probably because that means that we don't have class or anything on that Saturday so good).

Dad you also asked about the food. Yeah it is pretty much the same about the Cannon Center. Some days better than others of course. It is really easy to eat healthy because there are plenty of fruits and vegetables.

We taught at the TRC last Thursday, which was our first time. We teach return missionaries as themselves. So that was neat. But it was more nerve racking then teaching our teachers because they know the level that we are at. But it was really good. The spirit was there and I know he was definitely helping my Hungarian out. As I think about the past 3 weeks (doesn't it feel like so much longer?) I realize how much that I have learned. I know that there is no way that any of that would be possible without the help of the Savior. Crazy that in 3 weeks I can teach a 45 minute lesson in Hungarian!

I got my first package this week! Imagine my surprise when I looked that it was from Sister Othote. I was almost in tears after I picked it up. I love the Young Women's program. I had such amazing leaders who even after 3 years out of the program are still thinking of me and love me! I got a letter from Sis DaRosa too, which was fun. It was filed and filled with her AMAZING cookies, which were still amazing. There were SOOOO many cookies so we shared with everyone under the sun. Poles, English, Czech, Fins, Huns, Greeks, Russians (I think they are taking over the MTC). But let's be honest, the elders in my district definitely at the most. Since the older Hungarians left we have been spending more time with our district, which is all Finnish. which is good.

Mom I threw away the box with Sis. O's address on it before I wrote it down do you think you could dearelder it to me tomorrow? You're the best.

I played the violin today for about an hour and Sis Cribbs (going to Finland) played the piano. We are thinking of doing a number in sacrament meeting but we'll see how it goes.

Grigg Nover

In front of the Hungarian flag

With all the Hungarian sisters

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