Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Week 2

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Hi again family!

So another week has gone by, and it was much faster than the first.

A few housekeeping things (I am so lame I know).

Send me your addresses! I wrote you letters this week, but Ally, Katie, and Billy I don't have your addresses. Dear elder them to me tonight or tomorrow so that I can put them in the mail tomorrow. And Mom and Dad can you send me the addresses of Granddad, and such? You are the best.

So exciting news! I have been singing in the choir here at the MTC (no easy feat, they only take a certain number and on Tuesday we got there 40 minutes early and almost didn't get a seat). At rehearsal and then when we sang at devotional they recorded us because in between conference session on the Saturday they are doing a thing on the MTC and we will be on it for singing. It is a really neat song that they commissioned just for us to sing for that purpose.

Really sorry. The more Hungarian I learn the worse my English gets. So the language. I was picking it up super fast until like Monday I kinda hit a rut. Tarsom (My companion) says that I am now just on a mortal level and I'm just frustrated because I am like everyone else. I feel like I have learned so many words and grammar principles and now they are all just floating around in my head and I am having a harder time getting them out. Hopefully in class tonight after Pday I'll be back at my normal pace. Our teachers tell us that we are way ahead than the older Hungarians were at our point because there is only two or us. We get a lot more help, especially when it comes to pronunciation.

This week I really gained a testimony of studying for my investigators first and then I will learn what I am supposed to learn from that. It was a really great experience. I have gained a love for the story of the restoration. It was never my favorite (that sounds really bad since I chose to go on a mission and all) but I LOVE it now and I am only beginning week 3. Think of how many more times I get to study it and teach it!

Speaking of investigators we finished teaching Edina, and we committed her to baptism and she asked a question. I had been doing really well on understanding what she was saying that lesson, and we discussed the priesthood and the Catholic church. We had already talked about how she had been baptized in the catholic church. So when I asked her if she would follow Christ's example and be baptized she said something and I thought she was saying how she still has lots of question about the Mormon church so I gave her a pen and paper and asked her to write them down but what she really said was You know I have already been baptized in the catholic church, should I be baptized in the Mormon church? oops! My Hungarian is still a work in progress. It was a good experience though. We started teaching Zsolt and Andras. Zsolt is great he accepted the commitment to pray and read the BOM and he has a family. We are going to start teaching him the plan of salvation tonight and hopefully have him pray at the end of our lesson. Andras is a different story. I'm not quite sure why he invited the missionaries over. He wouldn't read what we asked him to and he doesn’t see the importance of "knowing" God. Funny story about the language. We kept using the verb tudni which is what we use in our testimonies and and it is to know things. One night after dinner all the Huns were gather and joking and everyone kept saying Tudom teged or nem tudom teged as in I know you and I don't know you. Our teachers were laughing because when you use that to know in terms of people it means you know them sexually in Hungary so good thing they taught us that before we went over to Hungary and used it incorrectly!

Also super funny, there was a bat in the residence on night! no worries I was the one who remained calm and level headed and called security while 20 sisters were shrieking. It was pretty funny. I wish I could have sent the pic of it.

So the 2 Albanians left that lived with us. So did the older Fins. On Monday our usik leave for Hungary. It isn't as sad because odds are I'll end up being companions with a few of the sister missionaries. Our Zone will be so empty. It will just be me and Maxfield Nover, the 14 Fins left (only 2 sisters there, the other two girls we live with). Thats it! Sacrament meeting will be so empty. I think they said there are 7 Estonians coming in in the next week or two and then April 17th is when all the new Fins, Hungarians, and Albanians come. Wild. Nover and I will still be here when the new Huns get here. When the older Hungarians leave on Monday there will be 5 teachers for 2 of us. Right now we only use 3 teachers. Wild. My Hungarian will be rockin. They keep emphasizing the importance of how it isn't us but the spirit that is converting and teaching. Very true. And they don't want us to get prideful about the language.

Ally, yes I didn't say the pictures last week. No pictures this week. Long story. So one was of just me. One was me and my comp I believe. There was on of me and Sister Gosser who was also wearing a jerusalem shirt. There was one of me and all of the girls who lived in our room. And I can't remember the others. Sorry!

Love you all!

Grigg Nover

P.S. Send me pictures in the mail if you can. I am the only lame sister missionary who didn't bring pictures of her family and everyone asks.

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