Wednesday, March 13, 2013

First Week

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

Hello my lovely family!

So sorry no one has heard from me! I was told several times that we can only email and write letters on P Day but then I just found out today that we were supposed to send a letter home to our Moms (per MTC President instruction) but I didn't know we could do it on not our P Day. I'm also supposed to encourage you to used because then I get a hard copy of it and it is same MTC day delivery and FREE for all you thrifty college kids. Mom figured it out this week. It was so funny and so very her to get a 2 line note.

It was so great to get letters and emails from a lot of you this week! Jenny you were very close to having the first letter but because Doctor and Sister Petersen (from the Jerusalem Center) used they were first and imagine my surprise when I had a letter the first night I was in the MTC! Jenny I got yours on Thursday. I LOVED the princess sticker and no that totally doesn't make you a bad Mom. I was so blessed I got at least one letter a day this week from friends and family (one day 3!) Although, Mom, I am having trouble falling asleep at night, which you know isn't me. Suggestions?

So I have limited time to email so my grammar will probably be atrocious and my spelling (sorry English majors). Also, Dad, I heard a rumor that the First presidency released a statement saying that missionaries could now email friends too. True or False? dear elder me.

The MTC thus far has been good. Everyone just kept saying make it til Sunday and then you will be set. Just make it til Sunday. I didn't really understand what that meant, but now I totally do. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were like a roller coaster for me. One minute I was on cloud nine, like when I sad my first prayer out loud in Hungarian from memory on day 2. Then the next minute I would think I can't do this I need to go home. I broke down Saturday night in front of one of our teachers because she was teaching us how to do weekly planner and I am senior companion so I was in charge and because there is only 2 of us in the class I was putting all these pressure on myself. But once Sunday hit life was great! and it still is! I really fond comfort in the scripture in John can't remember what chapter and verse 26 when Christ says peace I leave unto you and la lalala about peace and it was great. I pray every night and morning for the gift of tongues and to not be stressed.

Ok so Mom and Dad dropped me off (I was very happy with your drop off etiquite I hope some of the pictures you took came out good mom:)) then I went inside to get my name tag and I almost cried when they handed me my tag. It said Grigg Nover (with double accent over the o and a single one over the e). And I just l looked at the second name and they asked if that was my name and I was like uh no. The sister helping out then said ohhh ya thats a weird name oh how bout the first one. And I saw Grigg and it was all good. All day people would say oh that's the Hungarian sister and I was sooo confused. I went to class and Levfever Tasver only spoke Hungarian to me. Needless to say there was lots of awkward laughs from me because I had no idea what he was saying. I was the first one there then I found out that there was only 2 of us! ONLY 2 OF US IN A WHOLE CLASSROOM! we would talk to other sisters and elders during those first days at new missionary meetings and every other classroom had at least 8 and some up to 16. wild. Then I found out I was supposed to be ALONE! It would have just been me by myself as a solo sister. Not even with elders in my class. one on one with all the teachers. wild. I guess the other sister that was supposed to come in decided not to go on a mission and so 2 weeks ago they called one of the sisters who was supposed to come in in April and asked if she would come in now so that I wouldn't be alone. Wild. I am so thankful for Maxfield Nover (sounds like new with a v instead of the w and air at the end). I could not imagine being alone. So the usi (“old” in Hungarian that is what we call the hungarian missionaries who have been here longest) told me that they have been praying for me for 3 weeks when they found out so that I would have a companion. We are in a district with Finnish going missionaries and our zone is Finnish, Estonian, Albanian, and Hungarian bound missionaries. All the random ones. Sacrament meeting is great though because we only have to prepare our talks in English rather than our language. Thank Heavens! We live with 2 Fins (the Sisar) and 2 Albanians (the Motra) so it is like I am learning all 3 languages because we got here and the Motra were in the concecration week, meaning that they could only speak Albanian. It is way fun though and a great group of sisters.

So be impressed. I have already taught 4 lessons in complete Hungarian with my comp. We are teaching Edina (pretend investigator who isn't really Edina but is one of my teachers wife who also teaches Hungarian at the MTC). We got her to pray and read the Book of Mormon and come to church and tomorrow we are going to committ her to Baptism. I cannot believe how much Hungarian I already know in a week. Everyone tells us that since there is only 2 of us we are progressing much faster than they usi who are 2 classes of 8. They leave for Hungary in less than 2 weeks!

I'm going to try and send pictures!

Jenny: Cool about the mummies!


Grigg Nover (with accents on letters)


  1. So what day is Robin's p-day? I just want to make sure to get any letters to her before then so she can at least read them! Thanks!

    1. Robin sent the emails today, so I'm assuming today is her P-day. If you use to write her a letter, she will get it on the day you sent it (although, there is a cutoff time. But if you miss that, she'll just get it the next day).