Saturday, March 1, 2014

Week 3

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I love being on a mission and being a missionary!  Its hard but i love the people and the language is getting better everyday! i love Mexico but i cant wait to get back to the US to get a hamburger! right? idk what else to say but things are going well and i miss my family and friends everyday but their love and uspport gets me through! love Hermana Grigg

This is Sister Burley who is also headed to NY NYC North

Week 49

Monday, February 24, 2014

The first week in a new area is always interesting. Nyíregyháza is good. I miss Szombathely so much. I am learning that I have a hard time saying goodbye. I also am learning that I really like routines. I like how comfortable I was with the area, all the investigators, and all of the members. It was nice. I know that I will love Nyíregyháza. 

But I have to tell you this about Szombathely. So Tuesday night one of our investigators that lives close to us, told us to just stop by real quick so we could say bye. He is the Britney Spears one and I have talked about him tons. So we stopped by and stay bye. He gave me chocolate and a not and told me to read it later. I read it on the walk home and was bawling because at the end he wrote down his testimony. I know he had one because he has told me, but it was just differnet. I know that he will get baptized once he can figure out how to overcome the obstacle that is keeping him from that. I just love him so much. And then later while I was packing B called and was like come out I am here. She got her patriarchal blessing that day and so was traveling back and forth to Budapest so we couldn't say bye during the day. She gest out of her car and goes I had to say goodbye to my soul sister. She brought a cake. How tender is that? Since she isn't allowed in our apartment we talked in the hallway for like 50 mintues. Sister Hinckley was such a champ. I am so lucky to have been blessed with great companions. I just love B so much. She is the one I am naming my daughter after. We were both crying. It ended up being such a teary day.

Nyíregyháza is good. There are some great members here. We also have a senior couple here too, which is fun. We put someone on bap date last night and we are going to start the stop smoking program with him tomorrow. His bap date is for July because he needs to get married and quit smoking first. Him and his fiance were like you are strict but that is really good. (story of my mission with investigators saying that, not all of them. I am only strict with the onest that need it). They both were like this is just what he/I need. haha. oh goodness. I totally was not even that strict with him last night. really I wasn't! 

They had me introduce myself in sacrament meeting and later that day one of the member of the bishopric who asked me to bare my testimony called and thanked me for being so willing and said that I speak the best Hungarian of any sister that has ever served here. and then I said thanks and tried to say something funny back and I said it wrong and he correct my Hungarian. It is fine. life is funny. But everyone says I speak really well so that is nice. I don't think I speak well but whateves.

Ok I love you all tons!
Sister Grigg 

sister daniels and I met up at zone training 2 weeks ago. best day ever. i love seeing my past compnaions. 

When Bogi came and said goodbye with the cake. 

Sorry there is no picture of Sister Moffat and I! We haven't taken one yet. I know so lame. But she is so excited because I am the first of her companions to be shorter than her. She is 5 feet so we are definitely the shortest companionship in the mission, which is funny. We are both super sassy, which has been really funny. She is from Washington and went to BYU before her mission too. 

Ok so my boots broke on Saturday. We went with the elders to an eatting appointment and it was raining and they made fun of me for the 30 minute walk back... so sad. 


In szombathely we did a lot of tracting because streeting wasn't very good. never a lot of people on the streets. the numbers we did get never panned, were fake, or if we set up they dogged. 

This was the one success that I say from streeting in 4 months! she is so cute. Sister Hinckley and I found her and I got to meet with there 4 or 5 before I left and she came to church! So prepared for the gospel!

transfers again

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I am leaving Szombathely. I am really sad. It has definitely been one of my favorite places to serve. Every place has been my favorite place after I leave it so I know that I have been in every place at the right time. I have been on the way west of the country and know I am going to the way East. I think this is the farthest city from the mission center in Budapest. Sad I am leaving because we should have 4 baptisms in the next 4 weeks here.

We had a good week. The six of us missionaries put on this branch program. It was an American night. It was super successful, there was tons of investigators there. The funniest part was that there was tons of American food and no one explained how to eat it Americanly. It was sooo funny to watching them east guacamole and salsa with a fork and without chips. I was talking to one of our investigators and asked where the chips were and he said he got hungary while waiting so he ate them. The didn't know how to put the syrup with the pancakes and every kept asking what you put the ranch with. Then we did rootbeer floats and everyone was horrified when we mixed the soft drink with the ice cream. And the drank the rootbeer plan and asked what is this sweet thing. Oh man it was so funny. I love the Hungarians. I was such a great time to have our investigators mingle with the members and strengthen their friendships.

Then the next day we had so many investigators come to church. 15. It was great! We walked with 2 of them to church. I have been teaching them for 3 and a half months now and it was great to finally get them to church so that they could experience the blessings of that! I just love this cute little family so much and I hope that they continue to work towards baptism. Our crazy prepared couple chose to come meet with us instead of go to the concert because they like the way they feel when we meet. so tender.

Speaking of baptism we had a great zone training in győr this week. I always knew that my purpose as a missionary is to find, teach, and baptize and that baptism is an essentially ordinance to salvation. But I guess I never really stopped to thing that these people literally can not live their Heavenly Father again. Everyone needs to be baptized! And sometimes because we are in Eastern Europe and it is harder to find people who are prepared to then help them be baptized we say we just want to help people to make their lives better. But we help them by leading them to baptism!  It put everything into perspective. That if I truly love these people and desire their salvation then I will do everything I can to help them towards making those covenants with Heavenly Father. Plus it helps me not be annoyed when Jeff's mission has 51 baptisms in a week and our mission has 16 for the whole year so far. It is fine.

Ok so funny. I almost forgot. There is a Hungarian missionary from the Szombathely branch serving in Hungary. I met her before she left. super cute. We meet with her parents. They are so nice. They feed us and the mom knitted us matching scarves. She was trying to finish them fast. The said they would come to church and we walked out of sacrament meeting and she is sitting on a chair knitting and I was like what are you doing out here. She goes don't worry. I got here. Heard the whole thing. and paid atttention. It was good. I just wanted to knit to so i stayed out here. I was like well come to sunday school, you can knit in there. And she sits down and the sunday school teacher was like what are you doing. She said someone said it was fine. The sunday school teacher goes who. I timidly raised my hand and said it did. Oops! haha. The scarves came out great! so cute.

Well I love you all and I hope that everyone has a wonderful week!
Love Sister Grigg

So I am sending home a ton of pictures because I am stealing them all from Sister Hinckley.

These was our both from the American night. our both was about holidays so we made valentines and hand turkeys with the kids. such a hit!

so i made that sign and apparently spelled turkey wrong and instead it said make thanksgiving children because it was some nickname for little children. opps!!

one set of elders made skyscrapers out of spegetti and marshmellows.

we did a puzzle last p day it was so hard
in győr there is this stand called chocolate island. nbd. it is the best.