Monday, August 12, 2013


Monday, August 12, 2013


I hope everyone has been having a good hot summer week because that is what this week was. It was either 44 or 43 degrees the whole week, which 109 or 111 degrees plus humidity. It was rough. It is hard to work in the heat because there is no air conditioning so people do not want to meet because apartments are too hot. So no one wants to meet so we find, but when you find people do not want to stop and talk because it is too hot out. Rough life. We still had decent work this week though. The later part of the week picked up.

So yesterday at church, Laci told me he found my blog online. Ok. haha. He tries so translate it in Hungarian and so he read about the time when we went to his birthday party over 3 months ago. So I told him this week I would send home a picture of us so there will be one included. And then Zsuzsi goes oh yeah, I found it too and I look at the pictures. I don't think there have been any pictures of here though. I need to change that. Zsuzsi is so cool. We have the best programs with her because she really is studying the scriptures now. I just wish she would get baptized, but she has to get married first and her fiances doesn't want to get married anytime soon. Have I mentioned that she is moving to Germany in a month or so? She has already made sure she can meet with missionaries there. love it. Yesterday she asked if she could watch the next conference because she really enjoys reading the conference Liahonas. Golden.

Imre is doing so well. He mentioned that because of his work he doesn't know if he can come to church every week. Then we taught the 10 commandments and focused on the Sabbath day and he goes ok well I need to change somethings and at the end we were like will we see you at church on Sunday, and he goes of course it is a commandment! So good. It is so great to see him progress and just be ready and willing to hear the commandments. I know the spirit is telling us what to teach and when we should teach it! We are teaching the law of chastity this week!

So we have had lost of interesting characters in the heat. For our working hours last PDay we tabled the whole time and Elder Giacalone and I made a little competition to see who could stop the most bikes and get them to take pass along cards. I totally won. It was kinda of cool because I got a few numbers from that, one of which we are meeting today! And another we are meeting with later this week! But the characters have mostly been drunks this week, which is sad. Maybe this makes me very unchristlike, but I don't have a lot of tolerence for them. They just try and flirt with me and telll me I am pretty and won't leave. One Sister Peterson has taken on and is trying to get him to stop drinking. She tells him to stop drinking and so now he comes by the table everytime we are there. Rough...and he still drinks obviously.

We met a Dad and a son on Saturday and they told us to come over the next day so we did. Sometimes, I just pause and think this is not real life but it really is. So we took a 20 minutes bus ride out there and then a 15 minute walk from the bus stop and it turns out they just wanted handouts from the church but they listened very intently to our message. And the son was yelling to everyone that walked by come in we have americans here! wild. We were walking there and the dad goes did you tell someone you were coming here and I was like oh my gosh what are we getting into. So I quickly told Sister Peterson to text the elders what bus we took and what stop we got off at while I talk to him. I turns out it was probably because they wanted food, clothes, or money or something. wild.
ok well have a wonderful week!
Sister Grigg

This is Laci. We have been teaching him since I got to the country, and he was on bap date, but we are going to give him a little break now. He has lots of “signs” and recently wrote them all done and gave Bíro elnők 10 pages he had written down his signs to read. I think it has something to do with the fact that he really enjoys coming to seminary every week, and the 2 months that he was coming we were in Revelations. so yeah.

So there was a Relief Society activity this week where we made elderberry jam and I came with my hair looking like this and so 2 of the young women girls that were there were like do mine like yours so we had matching hair. This is Bérni and Alexa. Alexa is returning to activity! On Sunday she told me she loved me like 3 times. I almost cried :)

I sent you the picture of 3 of the yw and I. There are so close to my heart. Alexa, Adri, and Valentina. Only Bérni is missing from that picture.

we have to take 2 trains to get to district meeting. our train was late so we missed our connection so we had to hang out in cegléd for an hour so we wandered.

Elder Giacalone and I get cokes every Pday when we go grocery shopping

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