Monday, August 5, 2013

Week 21

Monday, August 5, 2013

Dear Family,

A big Happy Birthday to Dad this week!!!

Szolnok is so different now without Sister O and Elder Miller. The branch feels way different too. Thankfully over investigators are still good, which is the most important part. We did have 1 drop us, Laci, the guy's birthday party we went to my first week in the country and he was on bap date. But it is no apparent that he was not meeting with us for the right reasons. We meet with him once with out Sister O, and he tried to give the BoM back but we got him to keep it. 2 nights later he called and Sister Peterson handed me the phone and said Laci wants to talk to you. Ok Laci I have been in the country for 3 months. I can't understand what you are saying to me. (ok a bit of an exaggeration) So we chat for like 10 minutes and very unlike Laci he lets me speak. He says he misses Sister O and I tell him how she is needed elsewhere for other people and how it is revelation from the Lord. You know transfers are a good thing for the missionaries in the sense that it filters out the investigators who are not serious about the gospel and only meet with us for the missionaries.

Sister Peterson is my new companion. She is from somewhere near Salt Lake. This is her 6th transfer and my 3rd. She is the baby of 6 kids. She loves to sing and play her ukalali (how do you spell that). She is good at singing and her mom is in MoTab. She has a boyfriend on a mission in Mexico right now and went to the University of Utah before her mission. She is my second companion who went to the U premish (sister Maxfield my MTC companion did as well).

So we had a meeting with the branch president Bíro elnők after church yesterday because he wanted to talk about our recent converts and the less actives we go visit. It was heartbreaking. I am so grateful to have served with him for this long and that he trusts me this much to ask to speak with us about them and what is going on and what he feels that we should do to help him. I am fortunate to serve in a branch where the branch leader is very involved and active in our work. Like for example tomorrow he is coming with us to see Hajni so he can play with the kids while we meet with Hajni alone to see what is up. Everyone is having WoW issues right now. And it is like breaking my heart a little bit because I know them and love them so much. I know they know what they need to be doing, they just aren't doing it. I just want to shake them and be like see the blessings?!?! Agency can be the worst sometimes, but I know it is a wonderful gift. Seriously the blessings are so apparent that come from the obedience but the adversary is so good at what he does.

Imre is so legit. I know I wrote home about him last week, but for real. He is so great. He is all about how this isn't something that he is just going to do for the next week or year but something that will be a part of his life for the rest of his life. I love it! He is so golden. I love it because I can just see how prepared he was for the gospel and is prepared. I have seen him progress so much and I want to stay in Szolnok forever so I can see him be baptized and see him receive the priesthood, go throw the temple. He is going to be such a strong priesthood holder and such a great strength to this branch.

Have a wonderful week!
Sister Grigg

Being a missionary is the best.

we tried a new method of tabling

This is where I live. The elders were meeting us so we could go street over to that super good ice cream place.

Just a great pictures of me making a phone call. Valentine wasn't at church so I was just calling her to see why. She was at her Grandmothers. We were tabling in the main square. I realized that a lot of the pictures I have sent home recently I am wearing that shirt. Ok I just really like it.

And here is the last pic of Sis O and I at the train station before we parted ways. She was such and amazing trainer we worked so hard, were very obedient and were blessed with a lot of success my first 2 transfers. I was very fortunate and blessed to be with her.

This is Daniel and I. He is a really cool guy and my first transfer we taught him a lot, and he was on bap date. He was our coolest investigator. It was really sad when he told us he wanted to take a break from meeting. Sister O and I were crying, he was crying too. just sad all around. We see him on the street a lot though. I got a picture with him this time. He is writing a book and said he will email it to me so he has my home email address.

This is the state of our bathroom right now. I mentioned that the are fixing it? We shower at the senior couples every morning.

Here is picture of me and my new comp.

The branch threw a small birthday/going away party for Sister O and Elder Miller. Hajni really wanted to take pictures. She has 3 children and we looove her children.

And we went to dinner for Elder Millers and Sister Os last night in Szolnok.

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