Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Transfer Week!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tomorrow is the big day! We go up to Budapest and get the new companions. Szolnok is going to change so much! Sister O is leaving and going to Nyiregyháza and Elder Miller is leaving to Szeged and be a Zone Leader. Elder Giacalone and I are staying. and I am getting Sister Petersen and Elder Giacalone is getting Elder Loveday who will be our new district leader and is coming from the office because he was a secretary. Sister O and Elder Miller say that Sister Petersen talks none stop so I think we will get along well. I'll let you know next week about it all. Since I am going into my third I am officially trained, which is scary. But since I am still in my greenie area, everyone says that I am still a greenie so that is good. Hopefully I can just stay in Szolnok forever.

Oh other big next. They started intense construction on our apartment because we have been without hot water for a week (it has been a rough life but it is ok we have been surviving with like 5 minute showers) and they like are completely redoing the bathroom like the wall has been knocked down and they took out the sink, cabinet, mirror, tub, everything. and we thought it was only going to be 2 days but it is going to be a week know. ut oh. So we asked the Senior Couple, the Smiths, if we could stay with them for 2 days but now it will be a week so hopefully they will be ok with that! so I am bringing back a new companion and we can't live in our apartment for a while. ha. I'm nervous for the whole new companion thing. It is my first time. What if all of our investigators leave us! eee. Sister O tells me to stop being so dramatic, which is true. But still it is scary. The mission is growing! there are like 7 (maybe 6) new companionships!

I want to tell you about Imre. I think I mentioned him. 3 Sundays ago we tracted into him. And we went and tracted this building and we had a really hard time getting in (this was the same building that I accidentally made the lady cry in) and we tried like 10 different people to get in and then randomly I was like try 63 and the guy let us in (unfortunately it wasn't Imre) so we then knocked on 130 doors. like for real. It was sweltering, we were dying of thirst and starving and kind of just wanted to go home. but we were like lets just finish the building so we it was one of the last door we knocked on. And this man opened the door with no clothes on. Real life and we told him we were doing a survey and he asked if we would still be here in 10 minutes and to come back. So we were like done tracting and so we just were like should be wait or leave and we decided to wait and went and talked to him and he was semi interest but we couldn't teach him then because he was home alone and he didn't have a phone number and so we thought there is no way that we will end up meeting with him he doesn't have a phone number. We set up for a couple days later and he came! we have met with him around 5 times and the 3rd time we put on bap date! He is golden really. He has already seen how since he has been reading the book of Mormon and praying how it has changed his life. He smokes a lot but already heard about the word of wisdom because that was the Sunday school lesson on Sunday and is willing to quit but wants to build up his faith more first. knows the Book of Mormon is true knows that Joseph Smith was a prophet. Believes the plan of salvation is true. He is so into studying the pamphlets and the Book of Mormon and asked for the gospel principles manual. It is sooo cool. Really. It was crazy to have found him because we felt dead, and it is moments like that when you just push a little harder that a miracle happens like finding Imre. It is amazing so see the change in him. We read about repentance from Alma 36 (classic) yesterday and he loved it.

Have a great week!
Sister Grigg

oh PS remember how I said that I am matching making the branch, yeah Csaba and Valentina are dating. so good. She came to our first program after she was baptized and said I know that there are certain things that I shouldn't do and I want to date right so tell me everything. Obviously she already knew about chastity and jazz. So we talked about dating and she read Elder Bednar's chastity talk from conference and looved it. And it reading the for strength of youth right now. so good. 

oh and Ally I don't know what the whole blog think is like but one of the elders I serve with has a blog and I don't know if that linking thing is a good idea or not but it is Elder Giacalone in Hungary. [A/N: this is Elder Giacalone's blog: He mentions Robin and has a few pictures with her in them. I think they might also tell some of the same stories, if you'd like a different perspective.]

And here are the elders tabling. Elder Miller and Elder Giacalone.

A pictures of our district. It is the Kecskemét missionaries and the Szolnok missionaries.

no worries there is not as many pictures as last week. just doing a little yoga in a sunflower field. Every morning we exercise with the elders and every third day about we do yoga. Sister O leads us in Yoga so just practicing a little bit.

we took an hours bus ride to have lunch with a member family this week. We go once a transfer.

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