Monday, July 1, 2013

Kedves családom

Dear family,

How are you all doing? Looks like it will be an exciting week. What with Jenny's Birthday yesterday, Peppers and Katie's this week and Mom and Dad being in Utah. I heard something about a facebook picture war. Sounds like the Griggs are up to their normal tricks.

Well, it has been a good week. A week of lots finding. We unfortunately got dogged a lot. And it is really sad because if only people knew how much the gospel could bless and change their lives. Seriously. oh the mission presidents wife, Sister Smith called us Tuesday morning during our studies and asked if she could come down and work with us and so she came down and spent several hours streeting and tracting with us. it was fun.
Thinking of one example with that of how much the gospel can bless people if they would only accept it, we had a program yesterday with a referral from an investigator (well we aren't exactly teaching him right now but he comes to seminary on wednesday evenings, English class, and to church occasionally) he is the one who in a program about prayer I thought he said he prayers to a little black lamb but he really said he was the black sheep of the family...awkward. haha. ok so his sister. she was at his birthday party that we went to my first week in Szolnok. And it was an amazing program. We taught the restoration, we we really teaching in unity and the spiritual was the strongest I have felt it in a program before and the things she was saying we were like this gospel is perfect for you! and her son was their too and it was just great and then she said that she didn't want to meet again. and it was a little sad but we know that everyone has their agency. sometime agency is the worst in missionary work but we are so blessed to have agency so I remind myself of that.

The Herds, the senior couple in Szolnok, are being transferred to another city in Hungary. We don't know where they are going. They aren't allowed to say. But the branch was devastated yesterday and our cute 17 year old investigator V was in tears as well. It is going to be so different with out them. Plus I am going to have to start playing the piano in church. speaking of V though was watched the restoration film with her and she loved it. she bore the most amazing testimony about Joseph Smith and there restored gospel it was amazing to here it. i alway think of Mom and her saying that when she first heard about the Joseph Smith stuff she was like oh I don't need to believe that. and when you talk about the restoration to people it sounds very strange but I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon, which is the convincing evidence that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that through him God restored his church to the earth. it was awesome. We talked about how blessed we are to have a living prophet guiding the church today and gave her a the conference Liahona, which we just got in Hungarian this week so the branch members are way excited. and it is so true.

Funny story, we went tracting and before we went into the building I looked in the window the the barber shop on the ground flow and guess what was hanging there?! a pass along card. Sister O and I died.

so i got the ghetto computer today so I don't think I will be sending pictures home because it is sooo slow.


Grigg Nővér

the cat in the email place. katie please provide to ally the caption for that one.

we got caught in a huge rain store in kecskemét during district meeting and the district leader let me borrow his coat. so kind. we were carrying a box of book of mormons and we were so worried about them getting destroyed but it was all ok.

The pass along card in the window.

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