Monday, June 24, 2013

I am in my second transfer! wild.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Dear Family,

Melegem volt. those are the words that best describe the week. Other than the weather is has been a good week. Since we stayed together we didn't go up for transfers so we were just able to keep working.

So no worries the email place has some great rap music going on for us right now, since I know you are all concerned.

Elder Giacalone is here with Elder Miller. Fresh from the MTC. People call him the "teljsen zöldi" and I am the "részen zöldi" or he is the complete greeny and I am the part greeny now, according to the branch members. Katie met him through one of her friends before he left on his mission. So that is some fun stuff. He is doing great. there is a picture of our little Szolnok crew...but Elder Miller didn't want to stop so the picture is of him walking away. His family reads the blog Ally so that is more for their benefit.

Oh the weather. Words can not even begin to describe how hot it is. It has been in the 100s this past week. Thankfully not a lot of Humidity but the rough part is that there is no break from the heat because no where is air conditioned. Like I know I have been hotter in my life but I have never been this consistantly hot for this long. It is going to be a long, hot, and extremely sweaty summer. But it will be good. Funny story about the heat. We went out with the Elders on a bus (which Hungarians don't have the best hygiene in the world so it is way smelling haha) like a 30 minute ride to a village because they meet with a members husband who is not a member. Z. so I realize the whole initial thing might not be the best because everyone's names seems to start with Z. and the wife is B. and they fight a lot which causes him to smoke and that is the thing holding him back from baptism so the Branch President decided Sis O and I could go teach B how to be a good wife because we as a 21 and a 20 are completely qualified on this subject. We give really good advice let me tell you. So since we had no idea how to do this the spirit told us to talk about Christlike attributes and we started with patience. And she knows that she isn't patient and was really willing and accepting to talk about it and how to improve. so it was a really good lesson. But we meet in the kitchen, and it was swealtering. The Elders came out of the livingroom with Z to go look at the baby chicks (yes chickens, that is right) and the three of us are fanny ourselves with family proclamation pamphlets looking completely wilted, is the word Sis O uses to describe our condition. I think we looked like death but wilted is probably a better word. ok maybe this was one of those you had to be there stories.

We had 2 of the funniest programs yesterday. One of our investigators called because she had left her bike there after church and said her brothers were going to come get it if the gate was still open. Oh and this investigator, Z, brought me shoes yesterday. heels. apparently my practically shoes aren't cute enough. She made me promise to use them so I wore them during church. So we went back to the branch house and I was like let try and met with them and Sis O was like ok how would you say that in Hungarian. She is so good. They are 17 and 19. we had met the 17 year old one before. he is dating his sister's (who is 21 and dating a 40 year old) good friend A who is 30 (we have met with her and Z before). apparently the whole age difference thing isn't a big deal here. so we were like hey do you have 10 so we can chat about prayer. So we went in to the branch house and talked about prayer for 15 minutes and gave them a book of mormon and one of them said the closing prayer. during the lesson he was like how do you pray. seriously what a perfect question.

Then we went tracting, and we got let in! Which was my first time being let in, but in all fairness we haven't tracted a whole ton. It was a Mom and her 2 daughters and she also has a son who wasn't there. We told her that we knew our message could help her be happy, which is what synch the deal. or more accurately the Spirit touched her heart at that moment. She isn't happy because the kids' Dad took off about a year ago. So we got to know her and she doesn't really believe in God because of all the bad things that happen. We talked about God and Christ and that they have a plan for us and we introduced the Book of Mormon and talked about agency. We are going back over there this week, which is really exciting! I was reading in 3 Nephi 17 this morning which is one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon and in verse 17 is talks about how no one can understand the joy the people felt when the Savior prayed for them to the Father. And I hope when we pray with people that they feel that joy. That they can feel their Father's in Heaven love for them. That it invites the spirit.

We had a great lesson about tithing with one of our bap dates. M. She is the one that is quitting smoking. It has know been 2 and a half weeks since she quit! She is good friends with a member of the branch which is how the missionaries were introduced to her. seriously that is the best way to do missionary work. through the members. If investigators already have that immediate connection it is just so good. V the other bapdate we met with and talked about the word of wisdom and she is now in Jacob! The member there grilled her in her normal fashion but V impressed the member. It was really funny because the member is a néni and then started talking about boys with V and if it was ok to kiss. such a riot.

A who was the one who got baptized almost didn't show up to her confirmation this week! ok seriously now it is like funny but yesterday during sacrament meeting was the most stressful 1 of my life. we were sitting there and Elder Peterson and his new companion had taken a 2.5 train ride so that he could confirm her because she had asked him too and President gave the permission. and then she wasn't there. we called her twice then the elders called and she answer and she had overslept. oh 17 year old girls on summer break. but she got there and was confirmed right after sunday school. we had a great program with her after church and she is doing so well. seriously. it is amazing to see the change in her because of the gospel and even the change since her baptism a week ago! love it. we are going to call her next week before church to help her get there on time. she is cute, in her prayers she asks Heavenly Father to bless her with punctuality. We are hoping to met her mom this week.

Love you all and have a great week!
Grigg Nővér

Sis. O and I

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