Monday, June 10, 2013

a week of lots of ups and downs :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

This week was a good week. First let us start with the fact that I ate fried liver! yes that is right fried liver. real life. pig liver was in my belly and it was disgusting. I thought I was going to throw up and I am not exaggerating. So listen to what happened. this one investigator. A always feeds us. He is the one that bore his testimony in sacrament last week and this week he started not smoking. We are coming up on a week of him not smoking. So the wife E brought out food and I started eating (after we had blessed it of course :)) and the meat was super dark so I was like hmm I wonder what this is so I was like disznos? (pig) and they said yes. and sister o was like what kind of meat is it and they said pig liver and I didn't know the word for liver but now I do. and so she translated if for me and I thought I was going to throw up the piece that was in my mouth. Unfortunately I had to eat all of it. and these were not little pieces. so gross. I tried eating it the same time as the pickled cabbage but to be honest that only worked for a few bites then it started making it worse. I tried little bites which was better but then the liver lasted longer. they walked back into the kitchen at one point and sis o was like can I put some on your plate and I was like yeah right remember the time that you served me the largest second helping known to mankind. (maybe that wasn't my most Christlike moment) remember the find for yourself thing during eating programs? yeah. So she wraps it up in a napkin and puts it in her purse! real life. I realize now that I think I talk a lot about food in my emails home. oops.

We have a baptism this weekend and the elders have one as well! She is a cute 17 girl, who the branch adores and fits in so well. We are so excited for her. Speaking of 17 year old girls, we put one on bap date this week. V. she is totes adorbs (haha) ok but really. We meet with her and her mom for the first time almost 2 weeks ago and then we hadn't had a chance to plan another appointment but then she should up at the same time the next week and the Elders called us and were like your investigators here so we raced over and thankfully a different program had cancelled so we could meet. She had read from the book of Mormon several times and prayed about it and knew it was true. We taught the Plan of Salvation and she said she just knew it was right. Knew that it was a good plan and from God. It was amazing she wanted to be baptized and will be in June. She came to church yesterday (we had 7 investigators in church!) and said she really enjoyed it. Thus far the easy part has been putting people on bap date. The hard part is continuing to meet with them after to get them ready. Like M. was supposed to be baptized this week also but we haven't been able to meet with her enough. So we taught the WoW hoping that she would realized that should wouldn't be ready for baptism because she smokes but then said she would quite right then (which is awesome! she hasn't smoked in like 5 days now) and was set on still being baptized and we didn't have the heart to tell her that she couldn't so then super awkward in church when they announced the baptism in Relief Society and another women was like M too and yeah. But it is ok. We talked afterward and she is really looking forward to it in July after we can teach her about chastity and tithing. Fun stuff. She gave us a referral. And we went and met him and he wanted us to go breakdancing with him and his friends and we were by their gym and then all his friends showed up and were like will you train with us sometime. That was awkward. oh yeah, maybe sometime....but we know we are not going to go hangout at a gym with a bunch of guys our age. As sister O and I were walking away were were like were are wearing skirts passed our knees, do we look like we just "hang"? We so don't look like we just hang out. But it is ok and humorous to look back on.

Remember the story I told about the 12 year old boy, P? Our lesson with him this week was about the Gospel of Christ and when we got to the enduring to the end part we asked what that means because we meet at a member's family's apartment and he answered all the questions! It was so tender (a word I have picked up from Sis O. but am trying hard not to use all the time) he like knew how to endure to the end already and we haven't even taught him that much. It just goes to show how important the example and friendship is of members.

I just want to say how much I love my family and how grateful for my parents. We had an investigator tell us that he has a problem in the past and now with adultery. And I truly know and believe that he can receive forgiveness for these transgressions through the Atonement because there is no sin too big or too little that the Atonement of Christ can not cover. It was just heartbreaking to hear, especially because we love his wife. I was reading the family proclamation and it says that every child has the right to be born to parents who are faithful to each other and it is so true. And it is heartbreaking to think about this family and how the father's actions has the potential to ruin their family relationships.

The harder and more stressful weeks also have some of the best times in them. I truly can see how the Lord is preparing the people of Hungary to receive the gospel and how if we work hard we are blessed to find them and be a part of their lives.

It was Elder Miller's birthday this week so we got together with the elders and the Herds and had a nice dinner, and then had correlation meeting, and then sister Herd made chocolate cake. So good. He is old now. Hit the big 20. Elder Peterson played the loveliest musical number in church yesterday and he gave me a jó regelt just now while we were emailing, which he wanted me to mention. We always go over to the Herd's on Pday and cook together and play games. We will have left over chocolate cake today, Sis. O is really excited.

Since I don't want to break tradition with the whole food thing here is a picture of our grocery shopping treat, while we were waiting for the bus last week. Sis O had to take the picture because she was healthy and got bubbly water instead.

Ok well I love you all a lot
Grigg Nővér

Elder Miller's surprised about the cake

here is a pictures of my companion and I tabling in the town square. it might be published on a web page article about missionary work in Hungary by the church. we had to sign releases that the mission president gave us so yeah. not the worlds best pictures but whateves.

so Hungarians like freak out if it is even the slightest bit cold and you aren't wearing a jacket. so I was wearing a sweater underneath this one but the wife of one of our investigators insisted that we wear her sweaters home because we would freeze. it was very sweet of her. mine isn't too bad but check out sister o's. haha

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