Monday, June 3, 2013

ez az üzenetem sok érték

Monday, June 3, 2013

Church was very tender yesterday. Church is always good but interesting. It is so exciting when a good amount of our investigators show up but then it is sad when the people who need to be there aren't (in this case 2 recent converts). But it was fast Sunday and one of the recent converts is having a very difficult time finding a job so when we went over there this week we talked about fasting and the branch president came with us and we decided we would all fast together on Sunday and start with a prayer in his office before sacrament meeting and then she didn't come to church. It is hard not to be frustrated because there is only so much we can do. We tried stopping by her apartment but she wasn't there so I was able to replace my frustration with concern. But so at the start of relief society the young women were in there to start (all 2 of them :)) and the president had cut out red hearts for everyone and we all stood in a circle and held hands (which sounds strange and it kind of was) but it was in Hungarian so I didn't understand all of what she said but the gist of it was how wonderful is it that we are in the organization that was founded by God and it is the only women's organization on earth that is run by him. and it was so tender and someone shared an experience with family home evening and there was lots of tears and it was just something that would have happened back in the states and it was so tender. the gospel is the same every where no matter what language or were. A 13 year old was ordained to the priesthood yesterday after church and the whole ward gathers into the chapel and is there together. His family is recently come back into activity there are the ones I talked about last week. A is good friends with P the one I told the story about last week and the camaraderie in the branch is amazing. a recent convert was asked to give the closing prayer and it was so awkward. She was baring her testimony instead and everyone had the eyes closed and arms folded and so funny now looking back. She is a Néni so an old woman so it's ok. so then the first counselor got up and said the closing prayer afterwards.

This week we taught the law of chastity a lot. Z is supposed to get baptized in 2 weeks but she is currently living with her fiance. She was very receptive to the law of chastity and knows that is how it should be but she doesn't know what she is going to do because she wants to get married but he doesn't yet and she said it wouldn't work if they moved out so I'm not sure what will happen. He works in Germany and only comes home every other weekend. She is like already a member of the branch except for the baptism part she comes to everything is friends with everyone and is solid. It is said. A tender thing is she is 21 and just had 7 teeth pulled and was in a lot of pain and a member told her she should get a blessing and so she asked us about it. and i was like do you want one now and it wasn't the best timing because we had all changed into workout clothes for sportnap but the branch president was there so him and the elders gave her one and yesterday in church she goes it worked I'm not in any pain and so sis O and I told her how much we love priesthood blessings and all that god jazz.

A different investigator bore his testimony in church yesterday. so tender. He is in the process of quitting smoking. He promised us he will smoke one less cigarette everyday til we start the stop smoking program which I had never seen before. We will start it this week. It is really interesting. and has a 85% success rate. He said something powerful he told us that we need to believe in him and it is so true. If we don't have faith that he can do it then there is no way that he will be able to.

We ate with the elders at E Néni this week and oh my gosh so much food. You are expected to eat everything and Sis O totally threw me under the bus. So she wouldn't have to eat as much she put waaaaay more on my plate then hers. I thought I was going to die. At least it was really good food. Seriously though. Apparently when it comes to sister missionaries you have to fend for yourself in eating programs. rough. So now the elders keep teasing me for eating like a champ. all sister Oberhansely's fault :)

sok szeretettel
Grigg Nővér
ps email me pictures of your fun summers :)

these are the sisters in my district. district meeting in kecskemét.

everyone is still emailing so I guess I can add more. Have I mentioned people by name yet as in missionaries. I'm going to try to starting doing the first initial for the investigators.

so there is me and sister oberhansley and then the elders in szolnok are Elder Miller and Elder Petersen. Then Elder and Sister Herd are the senior couple. every p day we all get together and cook a nice lunch together and play games so that is what is instore for today.

In that district sister missionary pic it was me and sister oberhansley and then sister westover and sister broadhead (who was my üsi in the mtc)

so elder miller and petersen and us table together often, which is generally always a good time. So there is a table that the senior couple made that says free english and free book of mormons and we stand there as a base and then go and talk to people around the square. yesterday actually a couple from America came and talked to us the husband was Hungarian and they live in LA! we chatted for awhile and we talked about the temple on wilshire. we gave them a hungarian book of mormon and wished we had had an english book of mormon for the wife. We gave them a pass along card to give to their family who lives in Szolnok. It was fun.

this is a pic from gyereknap (children day) the branch activity a week ago.

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