Tuesday, June 18, 2013

We had a baptism!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dear Family!

We had a baptism on Sunday, and it was of course the highlight of the week. Our investigator A, a cute 17 year old girl, the Elders' investigator G, and than the only primary child in the branch were baptized. Seriously the ties in this branch are amazing. We all walked over after church, to Hozzam Klub, where they were baptized in the pool there. We had the service in the little attic room at the top and it was so hot. Hungry does not believe in air conditioners, but it was such a spiritual experience. I am so grateful for the Spirit because even though, I couldn't really understand what was being said, I felt the spirit and I knew that the choice these 3 were making were the right one and that Heavenly Father is so proud of them. A was so cute and happy. She was nervous but than afterward she talked about how happy and clean she felt. Our last program with her before her baptism, afterwards we just felt the spirit really testifying to us that she was ready which was a great thing. I just felt such a great amount of love for her and the other members of the branch. Everyone's advice was just love the people and I am sad that it has taken me 6 weeks so feel that great amount of love for them. Funny part about the baptism is that there is a very inappropriate mural above the pools so 2 people stand and hold a sheet over it. riot. After the baptism we all walked back to the branch house and played games and at desert. Ok playing do you love your neighbor in Hungarian is hard. And fun fact. My hair is not considered red hear. Learned that during the game. Probably because it is super in here for middle aged women to dye their hair this purply red color. It is strange. Good news is one of our investigators came to the baptism and she is 17 also and is now beyond excited to for her baptism in a month. She is the sweetest ever. She wants to serve a mission when she turns 19. Touching.

Transfer calls came this morning and Sister O and I are staying together in Szolnok! I am so excited. We are ready for a hot summer of working hard. It is really exciting too because we have 3 baptisms in the July. One of which we have really since her change. She is in her 50s. She is just so happy now! We are coming up on 2 weeks of her not smoking! She says it is getting easier. One day this week we called her just to see how the not smoking was going and she goes I had a cigarette in my hand, and I was trying to decided if I should smoke it or not. Ok wow talk about good timing. I know that the Holy Ghost prompted us to call her at that precise moment. We talked about the 10 commandments, the sabbath day and chastity this week and it she was so cute. She goes oh ok well I won't shop on Sundays any more and is committed to live the law of chastity. It is amazing so see the changes that the gospel brings to people through the power of the atonement and repenting! It is the coolest to see how reading your scriptures everday and praying can make you so happy because that is what she is experiencing!

So our investigator D who was on bap date broke up with us this week. It was so sad. But ok. We teach him in English (so I am wayy sad about that) and he is stellar. He says he just needs a break to write down his own testimony. It was sad, but we felt a feeling of peace about it and really believe that he will be back. He said he will continue to red the Book of Mormon. He is just really logical so he is having a hard time of going with things based off of faith. But he was so legit. Like we taught the word of wisdom and we didn't even have to commit him he on his own said ok I will live this for 1 month and see. And he went to a bachelor party and I wedding and didn't drink because he had promised God for that month! And he went home from the bachelor party early so he would be well rested for church the next day! I mean like how awesome is that. He'll be back.

We went up to Budapest this week for Zone Conference. We were combined with another zone, and it was amazing to see how many missionaries were there! It was really neat. It was great to hear from President and his wife. I loved what Sister Smith had to say about enduring to the end and about how there are many different ends in our lives. Ends of calls or like in missions the end of the transfer. Or even just enduring to the end of the week she talked about.

pictures so here is a few pictures from the baptism. one is of just me and A at the branch house afterward the baptism. one is from all of us crowded and it is a horrible picture of me because I look like an elephant because I am standing right up in front but whateves. the sacrifice we make. Then there is another one of Sister O and I with A.

I love being a missionary!
Grigg Nővér

me and sister O

I was told I talk about food too much so there was no story about food this week even though there was a good one. So none of these have to do with food.

we went to budapest and we had to bring back a pillow to the mission home so i took the bullet and looked like the weirdo walking around with a pillow. so selfless of me. plus it was way comfortable for the train ride.

This is the town square. notice the missionary planner in hand. don't worry there is a book of mormon in my bag. too bad it wasn't in my hands. bummer

we went to a graduation this week. it was interesting.
also with transfers, Elder Peterson is leaving, but Elder Miller is staying and is training one of the missionaries I was in the MTC with for a bit so that will be fun to find out tomorrow.

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