Friday, November 1, 2013

mini transfers

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dear Family,

I am so sad right now because we have a little mini transfer tomorrow. Since we switched to the 9 week transfers, the going home dates are all messed up so there is a group going home tomorrow but there aren't any sisters going home so we thought that sisters wouldn't be effected by the mini transfer. Then we got a phone call this morning from the assisstants and they told me I am leaving Pest and going to Szombathely. Opposite side of the country out in the West near Austria. At first I wasn't the biggest fan of the city, but I love love it now. We have some really great investigators and 6 baptisms coming up next transfer all of which we put on bap date since I got here so it is sad that I won't be there for those. One and doneing is hard. I didn't get a chance to really say goodbye or anything because no one thought sisters were getting moved. I thought the whole going where you want me to go and stuff would be easy on a mission but right now it is going to be really hard. I am sure that tomorrow once I get to the train station and meet my new companions and get on the long train ride out to Szombathely I will be excited and have a great attitude about it. Fun fact thought. I scheduled programs for tomorrow because no one thought we were leaving and I don't want them to not get taught so I asked Sister Smith (the presidents wife) if she could be my companion for a little bit so that my companions can still teach the programs with the investigators. So she is going to come pick me up and take me to the train station to meet everyone for transfers! fun stuff going on splits with Sister President for a bit and don't have to take the trolley with my heavy suitcases. woot woot. 

It was a great week once again! Pest is doing so well. We taught tons of programs, put someone new on bap date, had lots of people at church. So many that I couldn't handle them all! A mom we teach showed up with her son, and I was sitting there and I am like oh my goodness I don't even know who the primary president is for the Hungarian primary! We the ward members were champs like always and helped us out. It was so great. Speaking of church the English Primary President asked us to do sharing time because it is all about missionaries so we did the sharing time and I forgot how wild kids are! We were having them introduce themselves and I didn't notice that 2 of the girls were fighting until one goes those 2 are fight and one of the girls fight goes, "My name is Grace, and I have a dead arm." so funny. hahahaha. One of the high council members spoke on Sunday and he is german and helps us out once a week with one of our bap dates. He is such a great member, and in his talk he talked about his experience helping with us and stuff and seeing how the gospel has been blessin the investigators life and said that he is getting baptized in the coming weeks and had him stand up and wave to everyone. sooo good!!! I just know that the gospel can bless everyone's lives. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and as one of our investigators says," it contains messages meant specifically for us." We can find amazing amounts of comfort, spiritual strength, and answers to our questions if we diligently study out of it.

All the investigators are doing well in Pest! I am sad to be leaving, especially because next Pday we had planned to go to the zoo. we all know how much I loves zoos and how upsetting that is. but it will being fun getting to know a new area, new companions (I am going into another threesome!) and new investigators! I have heard the city is super pretty and that they have a great strong, branch out there. So this will be an exciting new chapter of my mission. 

I love you all and hope that everything is great back home! 
Sister Grigg

We went to the house of terror today on pday. It was super cool and really enlightening. We always learn about lots of things during world war II with the halocaust and such, but it was really neat to learn about how Hungary was effected during communism and post world war II. 

Last Pday we did Sajt night with the elders. Which is cheese night. Which is really like just making homemade mozerella sticks. 

Then while we were tracting this week I got gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe. so lame. 

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