Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Such an amazing week!!!

Dear Family and Friends!

This week was so wonderful!!

Let us start with the highlight of the week! Imre's baptism! President gave us permission to go to Szolnok so that I could be there for Imre's baptism. I have written about him home a ton. With when we first found him and his teaching process! It was such an amazing experience. We were waiting for the train in Budapest and I saw someone we baptized in June from Szolnok, which was such a weird coincidence, and it was great! And then we got on the train, walked to the hotel, where the baptisms are, and we walked into the room and Imre was standing there in his baptism clothes looking out the window. I just had flashbacks to the first time that I met him when we knocked on his door and then the first time we met with him in a program when he showed up wearing a super inappropriate shirt and reeked of smoke and then here he was wearing the white baptismal clothing, not a hint of cigerette smoke! It was so wonderful. He was so ready and prepared to get baptized. I got to talk to him for a little bit before. Then I gave the talk on baptism. rough.. but it was ok. haha. We sang in the choir musical number (which was almost everyone there..not a big deal) and the spirit was just so strong. I got so see a few of the Szolnok branch members again. And Zsuzsi, which was so wonderful. Biro elnők baptized Imre and unfortunately we had to be bap in Pest for another baptism so we had to leave right after that and couldn't stay for longer. But I got to talk to him for a bit before he changed, and he such talked about how excited he is to get the gift of the whole ghost and about how baptism isn't the end just the beginning and how he will be a church member the rest of his life and endure to the end. It was perfect! He is serious the best find ever. He was so prepared by Heavenly Father for the gospel. It doesn't mean that it was easy for him because he had to overcome a lot to get baptized, but I know how blessed he is for all of it! He is just such an amazing example to me and I am so thankful that I was able to help him along the way. I am so excited for him to get the priesthood! 

Ok so Pest is going really well too. Another highlight of the week was having lunch with a member and his friends. He invited us to his work place and bought us lunch (score number one) and then we got to chat with 5 of his friends. At first it was a little weird and hard because of the positioning of everyone to talk but then 2 left and we were positioned better and we could just chatt. They were fasinated about why we are here and things like that. Asked us why we came. And before my mission, when President Morgan asked us to say one sentence about why were choice to go on a mission I thought a lot about it and then after this lunch I thought a lot about it too. And an addition I came up with another answer. I am here in Hungary because I know that God has a plan for us. Christ is at the center of that plan and when we learn about God's plan and learn about our identiy as his children we see the world in different eyes and everything has meaning and purpose. I want other people to know about this wonderful plan of happiness! 

Ok so back to the lunch it was really neat. It wasn't the typically normal missionary work that we generally do like knocking on doors and talking to people on the street; it was great! I was also just so proud of this member because he was probably so nervous to have invited us to meet his friends! I think we will potentially get one new innvestigator so that will be fun to see what happens.

We met with this one woman from English class a few weeks ago and she has been bringing several friends to English class and we found out that they all know each other from the 12 step drug alchol anonymous program and the second step is all about finding God and the relationship with God so they are all interesting in meeting with is great! Different but really cool. 

Our main invesitgators with bap dates are progressing so well! They both fasted for the first time yesterday! so great. One came to church for the first time yesterday (he was at conference) and he goes I started my fast. It isn't too hard yet and Sister Magda's stomach growled. so good. A member showed him about the LDS gospel library app so he is way into that and he found LDS.org (he wouldn't let us give him the address because he wanted to google it haha) and has been rewatching some of the conference talks. so great. I love being a missionary and being able to help the Hungarians come closer to our Heavenly Father.  

Love you all and until next week!
Sister Grigg 

St István's basillica. because one time of seeing the creepy thousand year old hand isn't enough.

Our Zone leaders gave us a giant milka bar at zone training because our companionship got the most new investigators this past month! We are the youngest companionship in the zone...it just goes to show that the language isn't everything and the spirit is so much more important and does the converting.

today we walked be the American Embassy because our ward mission leader works there so we wanted to see that outside. what do you know... a statue of Ronald Reagan was there! Jon this is a shout out to you! Note how pretty parliment looks in the background.

Then we walked into the Opera House but unfortunately you can only see the big great cool part in tour so I don't know if we will be able to go back to see more inside but here is us in the main hall!

We went back to Szolnok so obviously I had to take a picture at the train station with the sign!

so that was a picture of Imre and I and the other picture was Biro elnők who baptized him, Sister Peterson my companion last transfer and then her greenie this transfer (who is in the nursing program at BYU a few symesters behind me! small world!)

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