Monday, October 7, 2013


Dear Family,

How amazing was conference?!?! It went by wayy to fast. Unfortunately we don't get to catch the Sunday afternoon session so I am excited to read it in the Liahona in a bit. We had a bunch of investigators come and a few of the less actives we meet with. One of which brought 2 friends! one of which we are meeting with this week. sweet. We were able to set up with a family that someone else brought to conference! It was just a weekend of wonderfulness!

It was fun watching the relief society broadcast knowing that Mom said she loved it and thought it was good. One of our investigators who came to that one said she wasn't impressed with any of the women, and I just had to laugh haha. I didn't really know what to say. But she loved the prophet so that was good. And she came to a different session as well said it was amazing and like it was meant just for her. Love how all of the church leaders were speaking to millions of people but how it feels like it can be just for us! A different investigator called conference exciting! I loved how he talked about the priesthood session. And was asking us all kinda of questions about home teaching because I guess they talked about it. So good!!

What were all you favorite conference talks?!

The one Elder Ballard gave about members and missionaries working together was so good! And it totally worked because right after that session one member who was watching it in English with us goes hey sister what are you doing Friday at 12:30, do you have a program scheduled. We responded no and he goes how would you like to come have lunch with me and my coworkers?! So great. So we are going to his work place to causually interact with his coworkers. Talk about a great leap of faith by this memeber. I am sure he is nervous and hopefully he doesn't know how nervous I am because the hardest part about Hungarian is the causual chit chat. I am so excited though! I know there is going to be someone in that room prepared to hear the gospel!

I loved the talk that Elder Uctdorf gave about how the gospel is for everyone. Elder Erying's was super good. I loved how he started off by saying what choices do we make that bring us unhappiness and then what choices bring us happiness. And when we know about the gospel and have experienced the blessings and happiness it can bring why do we ever make choices that would lead us to not experience those blessings and that happiness!?! But we are not perfect so we do. 

This week was good! We went on splits and now the sisters in my mission get to do real legit splits like elders do. So that was way fun! It is always neat to learn from an older sister missionary. 

A member that has helped us out in several programs brought us dinner after a program he helped us with. He takes the Elders out to dinner  and now he likes the sisters enough to bring us food! So good. He was so nice and so excited to tell us he brought us dinner. He said he was going to cook for us sometime. It is awesome to see how much the members support us and to help us in the work, but that trust had to be gained through a lot of prays and hard work. 

I love you all!
Have a fabulous week!!!
Sister Grigg

That same member we went to fed us Serbian food for lunch and Sister Messinger hit her head on the staircase and so the member gave her this huge ice pack and made her sit there with it on her head. So good!

we go tabling by a metro stop and so there are always tons of people and the drawing was perfect to narrow out the people who weren't in a huge hurry that we could stop and talk too. 

The ward here is working on get the ward missionaries to teach the new member lessons. So we took a ward missionary out to a lesson to a member who got baptized a month ago. She was great. Her name is Marta. This is her. We had to take 2 different buses to get out to the members house because its was way out in the 15th district. And sister Magda and I always take selfies so there is that one.

Splits with Sister Chamberlain. Sister Magda and I spent the day with her in Kispest. While our companions worked in our area. She is such a great sister missionary!

We went tabling today with the elders and drew out a great plan of salvation. It was so great! I talked with a bunch of cool people who stopped to look at it and was able to set up a few programs with them for later this week!

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