Saturday, October 5, 2013

Week 29

Monday, September 30, 2013

So as we were emailing. The police came up and checked everyone IDs. Don't worry I was freaking out, even though I had no reason to be. Typical Sister Grigg. The mission hasn't changed somethings :)

The guy on the computer next to me is blasting gangum style. Ally, it makes me thing of you! 

Ok so it was an amazing week. Wild how the best weeks can also be the hardest! 

We were so blessed to but 3 people on bap date this week! Wild! It was amazing. They all all in December, but I wouln't be suprised if 2 of them get pushed up. The spirit was so strong in all of them, and it has been so cool this week to see them progress and see how Heavenly Father really is preparing the people of Hungary to hear the gospel. I love it. I heard from one of my zone leaders in a training a few months ago that offering the baptismal innvitation to someone is the time he has felt the closest to the Savior on his mission. So I payed close attention to that this week, and it is so true! 2 of them were people the three of us have found while we have been here together so that was even neater! One of the innvestigators after he accepted said it was so far away and we said if he is ready sooner of course we can push it up. He said the most wonderful closing prayer! It was so tender. He asked God to help him strengthen his faith so that he will be ready and to help him share about the wonderful church and the gospel with others because of how much he loves it! All in the closing prayer! It was so wonderful. 

 So I think I am going to go back to not using names any more because lots of Hungarians are now reading the blog, and I wouldn't want to accidently put too much information and offend anyone or anything. It definately makes it harder to describe to you how the week was.

We had several investigators in church this week, which was fabulous. I think I need to make flashcards or somthing for the ward memebers because I can't remember like any of their names, which is a problem when it comes to introducing people. It was also the primary program this week, and if you thought little kids were cute saying their things and singing the song well I have news for you because it is like 10x cuter in Hungarian! Real life. One of our investigators asked how Hungarian Mormon learned that it was ok to bring their children to church because the Hungarian/catholic tradition is that it is so not ok. Did they learn from the American families that go to church here in Pest? That was such an interesting comment because it is so true. Even in the states when you go to catholic church and things like that, there aren't really kids there. I am just so thankful for the primary system and things like that. I know it is truly inspired of God. How wonderful is it that we focus so much on families and teaching children from a young age that they are children of God and teaching him about him and his commandments. It is just such a blessing. And yeah sometimes the kids make sacrament meeting super noisy, but is ok. 

And ok let us be honest here, who hasn't sat behind the family with tons of kids on purpose because it is entertaining during sacrament meeting?!?!! 

We had some really cool let ins tracting this week, which was awesome. One that was super cool happened because someone we went to go back to a previous let in tracting and they said no thank the second time around and so we continued to tract in the 10 story, and we ran into this guy and we were talking about the Book of Mormon, he was in his pajamas at 1:45 in the afternoon, not a big deal. 

I am so excited for conference. What a blessing it is that we have a living prophet on the earth today, who leads us and guides us with God authority! So we start watching conference here Saturday night. Then on Sunday we watch the relief society recorded while the men watch priesthood then we catch the saturdayafternoon and then the sunday morning one we get sunday evening. We will miss watching the Sundayafternoon session. I am pretty sure I will get to watch all of them in English! so excited! We should also have a good number of innvestigators who are going to come as well! 

Ok so President and Sister Smith randomly showed up to our district meeting this week. Perks of serving in the city! 

Have a great week everyone! Love you all! 
Sister Grigg 

We went to this really cool street called Váci utca today. It had tons of really cool aricheture and shops. Dad talked about it in an email he sent me. 

So we went to the largest synagogue in Europe today. Unfortunately none of my companions or the Elders wanted to pay money to go inside. lame. It looked so cool from the open door. So we just took pictures on the outside. 

This is a guy we tracted into. He was so tender and showed us pictures of his family and himself. And he let me take a picture of him holding the picture of himself. He is in his 80s. It was so fun.

We went tracting again this week out in the 16th district. The stake center is in the 14th district so it is a little bit of a bus ride but not a big deal. And we were talking to this guy, and we introtroduced ourselves, and I always point down to my name tag at my name and my name tag was gone! I was shocked! It has fallen off. He wished us luck finding the name tag, and we started retracing our steps. We had been on 2 sides of the street so who knows where it could have gone. I was praying the whole time and after a little bit of walking I looked down and there it was! It had fallen on the sidewalk and landed exactly like this! I love that what is important to me is also important to Heavenly Father. It was a little miracle :)

The other thing about where we went tracting this day was that every house had a massive dog. Like huge. That wanted to bite our heads off. And they all had signs that say Vigazz! Harap a kutya. Which means watch out. The dog bites! nuts. 

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