Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 63

Monday, June 2, 2014


Sister Fowers really likes to email so I hope you are ready for a long email this week :) 

It was a great week. Z had her bap interview on Tuesday and so we got the whole thing together in 2 days and the Baptism was friday and she was confirmed on Sunday. It was super great! I'll send a picture later. Nutty thing. Someone had a violin so I played a musical number and it was the first time I have played in like 16 months' talk abouty nutty. The baptism was lovely. I love baptisms, they are so simple that is the perfect environment to feel the spirit. 

We met with the coolest, most prepared guy ever this week. we streeted him our first week together and then we meet with him for the first time this week. He speaks like a billion langauges, is from blangladesh but was born in England and raised in Libia. nutty. So he doesn't have a christian background so teaching him is interesting. it is really good. though. We had our first program and had a rockin restoration. we read moronis promise with him and he goes why did you chose these verses I already believe it is true. so cool. we were coming down the stair in the branch house and he was looking at all the pictures and everything on the walls and there was a picture of the first vision and we were like this is what we just talked about. He goes I have goosebumps I feel something. and then he came to the baptism the next day looked it. after the service we were talking about it and how she was getting the the gift of the holy ghost on sunday. He goes what is that. and we explained what it was and told him that he felt it when he was looking at the picture. He is sooo cool. We are meeting with him tonight. I have been thinking for a few days of how to teach a plan of salvation to someone without a christain background it should be good. Plus we are going on our first set of exchanges starting tonight. The Szombathely sisters will be here with us. I am going on splits with the new misisonary so it should be fun. 

We had an interesting case this week. We have a bap date that we planned some rockin member presents with because that is what she has been missing a little in her progress. she cancelled them all and I asked why and she was like I don't care about meeting other people. It was so weird. She had meet them at church last week. So when we met the next time we talked about baptismal covenents and part of that is having friends and the spirit totally softened her heart and she agreed to have a member at her next program. And the next day at church she did a good job and going to met new people and talk to them instead of us dragging her around to meet people. 

We have this other super cool guy that unfortunatey doesn't like on our side of the river so we have to switch him over. It is a bummer because he is progressing really well. We did a church tour and we started it off and the time before we had bap challenged him and when we followed up on it he told us that he tried asking God about the Bom and baptism and he didn't know what his "sign" would be but he shared an experience he had and asked if that could be his "sign" it was cool. He had a rockin time at church. I asked him if he got his answer and he said yes! so cool, and we will put him on bap datetomorrow. The switch over has to be done classy because he is progressing so well. we don't want it to hinder his progression. Sister Fowers like to comes up with intense "game plans" for church. and they have been known to switch mid-church.i was on "Barnabas duty" during sunday school. being a missionary you like have licsense to do some awkward I did some forced friendsshiping between him and a recent convert who had yet to be in the fellowshipper role. so good. 

I love Buda. I love serving with Sister Fowers. We are so different and have done misisonary work differently, but it is really cool seeing how we can bring our strengths together and how well we are doing together! And how great we get along.

Oh remember that cool couple that Sister Rupard and I found on splits in Debrecen. They are getting baptized in July and have come to church every week since then and the woman bore her testimony in church there and thanked God for answering her prayer by having Sister Madline and Sister Robin for knocking on her door. so cool right? 

Have a great week! 

Sister Grigg

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