Thursday, May 29, 2014

Week 62

Monday, May 26, 2014

So life in Buda is great! I love love love my new companion. Her name is Adley Fowers. She is from Missouri and has 10 siblings!! real life. 4 of them are adopted so don't like faint or anything. She also went to BYU. We are working so well together so we had a rockin week last week, found a tons of new investigators, and this week is looking pretty good so far too. 

My biggest fear about coming to Buda was that it isn't a little branch but a ward so how would I get to know the members. But Sister Fowers and hi made goals and plans and we rocked church yesterday! it was the coolest ever. There is a family that always invites the assisstants over for dinner on mondays, but they uninvited them to invited us! (ok so maybe the dad would not be home so the assisstants couldn't go anyway...but that is just a small detail) It was great to see the members we asked to befriend people do so. It was cool. 

President suggested we start doing these things called "pop-ins" where were from 8-9 we stop by members homes (but don't go in) tell them about an investigator that lives close by and ask them to pray for them and befriend them if they come to church. so we tried 2 last week and asked them both to pray for the same investigator and in our next program with her she goes "can I be baptized next Friday?" Sister Fowers looks at me and goes I've never baptized someone on my mission. is it possible. I've never had someone get baptized without it before being announced in church (that is just the way they do it in Hungary) but we talked to the ward mission leader and said if she passes the interview (which is tuesday) sure. So here we go. We are hoping to have a baptism this week, which would be a great way to start the transfer. This is the first time I have gone into a new area and there has been work so it is super cool!

ok well love you all!
Sister Grigg

Sister Fowers decided I would look good with bangs. I decided why not? I need some change. So she cut my hair last night. I kinda like it. What do you think? We look good together.

the senior couple (the Jensens) from Nyíregyháza

two of the girls from the branch came to the train station wednesday morning to say bye. they were in skirts because they were going to go do visiting teaching later. how tender right? I love them both so much! 

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