Thursday, May 29, 2014

transfers again...but this one is a little more exciting!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dear Family, 

First off, we got transfer calls again. This transfer is a little more exciting because I am staying in Nyíregyháza, but I am TRAINING. Like say what? real life. They trust me enough to put me with a little new missionary. tender right. It is super humbling and I am nervous, but I know it will be great. It is humbling because there is only 1 new sister coming into the mission right now, but the Lord trusts me enough to be her trainer when there are lots of other sisters in the mission who could train too. I am excited but also nervous. Like I will have a companion who has no idea what is going on. shoot, good thing I kinda speak Hungarian. 

We had Zone Conference this week. It was amazing! Elder Dyches of the quorum of the 70 came and spoke to us. He spoke in the last conference. It was great! The first and only stake president Hungary has had was there and he also spoke to us. It was really neat to here him talking about how we should work with branch missionary leaders. Elder Dyches spoke a lot about the spirit, which was wonderful. Conference was really inspiring, and it is always great to hear from our leaders. We have been so forunate to have 2 members of the seventy come and speak to us. Before, we started he had us all come and shake his hand. And he goes oh Sister Grigg, I've heard a lot about you from president. My heart like stopped. I was thinking Shoot, I hope president didn't tell him about the stalker. Zone conference was also wonderful because 3 of the zones were there so I got to see tons of mission buddies. Like Sister O. I am so obsessed with my training. I hope my new missionary loves me just half as much as I love Sister O. She is going home tomorrow. Obviously we sat next to each other, and it was so inspiring to hear her departing testimony. I am so grateful for her wonderful example to me of loving the people and loving the Lord and wanted to do whatever he wanted her to do. 

We had a pretty good week. Lots of dogs and cancelations unfortunately, which is always hard. But the little family we found is progressing well. The dad feels the spirit when he reads out of the BoM. I have never been so greatful for night shifts because he reads the BoM when he works nights as a security guard so he has time. We are hoping to get them to church soon. This week might prove to be hard because it is district conference in Miskolc and most of the branch members aren't going because they can't pay for the train tickets so it would be a miracle if we could get an investigator there. We are finding a lot of new people to teach, which is always a blessing and are working on getting them to be progressing investigators. 

Something funny that I have noticed about the spirit on my mission is that he helps you out a lot in the work, but he also makes you work a lot. For example yesterday we felt like we should walk out of our apartment and turn right because we don't normally go that way. And then we say lots of builds we could tract and we prayed about which one because we only had time for one. and we were lead to one and we had to tract the whole thing and then the bottom floor we talked to a women who we were able to have a little program with and set up to go back later this week. We are guided to a general direction and then we had to work and listen even more closly to the spirit. Which is good. 

Two young single adult girls who want to go on missions in the branch wanted to go on splits this week so we did that on Saturday, which was a holiday in Hungary, which probably explains the dogs and cancelations. rough life. but it went really well. 

shoot out to Holly! Congratulations on making the cheerleading squad! woot woot!

Ok well have a wonderful week!
Love Sister Grigg

At Zone Conference our little Szolnok crew was back together! It is so weird to thing of where the time has gone. Elder Giacoloni and I were both new missionaries. He is a district leader now, I am training. My trainer is now going home, and his trainer is one of the assistants. Summer was such a long time ago!

Dora and I doing splits. Taking a hungarian tracting rocks! We got let in a bunch!

This is the 4 of us in Nyíregyháza. Sister Moffatt is leaving and Elder Beauchanan is going home home.

so this couple makes custom made suits and they are relatively cheap in price and on the inside they sew a hungarian flag. I picked mine up today! That is sister Magda and I with the suit making couple

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