Thursday, May 29, 2014

Happy Mother's Day (Again)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day,

I hope that all the Moms had a wonderful day. It was so good to skype home! 

The Gospel Changes people. It is official. So remember how we are meeting with a hoarder. Well this week we went back over, and she had been reading out of the BoM, praying, and came to church, and she made a couple of comments that she never would have made 3 weeks ago when we first met. She said she is realizing that if she ever wants to have a clean apartment she needs to throw away the things that aren't necessary. And then yesterday there was a bunch of clothes at the branch for the memebers to take, and I was just praying that her and her daughter wouldn't take any and she goes member we should bring some of our extra clothes here too! Like talk about progress! We made them a bap calendar last week and they are obssessed with it. It is super cute to see them check off everyday that they have read the BoM and prayed. The 13 year old daughter and I get along so well. I helped her with her chemistry homework for 5 minutes and the perodic elements have way different names in Hungarian! My chem TAing at BYU came in handy! 

The missionary couple incharge of Humanitarian projects in Hungry came to help out a place here in NyÍregyháza so I spent the day translating. (obviously sister Feil was there too) They bought power tools for a disabled organization here. A man that works there takes parts of old cars and other things that people throw away and builds like go-cart/bicycle like things for them to use for excersizing because they can't do it the normal way. I'll send some pictures. I have never been shopping for power tools in English let alone in Hungarian, but it all worked out, witth the Lord's help. And then there was someone there from Ukraine who was really American and he heard us translating so then I helped him buy some power tools as well. so funny.

Ok well love you all lots!

Next week is transfers so I will be emailing on Tuesday! 
Sister Grigg

and here is some of the boxes we were able to throw away from the our investigators apartment. the one that hoards. here is a member that came with us. such a champ.

 this is one of the bike like things but this one actually isn't a bike at all. oh well.

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