Thursday, May 29, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Monday, May 5, 2014

So this week was hard. We got dropped 3 times in 3 days which was rough. One of them was by one of our most progressing investigators. He was the one that came to church last week for the first time. It was so sad. The program started off so well. He received a testimony of the BoM. He had no doubt that is was true. He knows that Joseph Smith is a prophet and that he restored the church and that the church is the only true church on the earth and is Christ's Church. And he said so baptism would be the next step but there isn't going to be one because I talked to my family. And this needs to be a family thing and you've notice that my wife has stopped sitting in on our visits. And they don't want us to keep meeting. They don't want me to continue this and I would rather save my marriage and have a good relationship with my son. So hopeful in the future maybe We all can do this. And so that was the end of our meetings. It was so sad. I was bearing my testimony and crying because the spirit was so strong and he felt it but wasn't willing to follow it. And like I can't blame him. That is a hard choice. Poor guy. I am reminded of an investigator who decided to get baptized even though her mom might throw her out and see did and her and her mom now have a stronger relationship. he asked me to say the closing prayer because he feel the spirit strongly when I pray is what he said. And we were kneeling in his living room with a member and I cried during the prayer and just pleaded with the Lord to help him and his family. Plus they found out his wife has cancer and he might have cancer they will find out this week. It was just so sad because I know that the gospel is the think that will help them the most in their lives and he saw it too but his wife and son didn't. It is ok I firmly believe that in several years they all will be baptized. 

And another drop program the woman wrote us a very strongly worded letter and read it outload to us. A member was there for that one too. rough life. I was like wow no one has ever made me take back a Book of Mormon before. It was so interesting. haha. oh well. I just can't help but think she will get to the spirit world and think what was I thinking!! 

Then the other drop program (I told you rough week) was also with a member. all three members were different. And they were both talking about Ukraine under communism and the soviet union because they are both from Ukraine. It was so interesting to hear them talk. And so sad. And then to hear them talk about their lives her. Again the gospel is the think that would help her the most and she doesn't understand that, but we do. I just wish I could put my heart in these people for like 30 seconds so they can understand no feel all the things that we feel about the gospel how much it can bless and help. 

a ray of sunshine was that mom and daughter that we found at easter came to church again this week and committed to a bap date this week! That was super excited. 

Oh get this. We helped them clean their apartment this week. Oh yeah. They are hardcore hoarders. I asked if I could throw things away (because aunt lynda taught me to loooove throwing things away) and they kept saying no so I stopped asking and just started putting things in boxes and setting it outside the apartment to throw away when we left and I did and then when we went back 2 days later the 13 year old said I watch when you threw away the boxes and I know that you did and I went and got them out of the trash. Dang it! I should have walked them to a further dumpster. haha. so that was a riot. 

Ok love you all!
Sister Grigg

sister maxfield sent me some pictures from our day together in budapest a few weeks ago. 

last pday we went on a statue hunt in nyíregyháza

one of my favorite investigators the one that dropped us this week. it was so sad.

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