Thursday, May 29, 2014

Week 55

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Quite the week this week! 

Transfer day (again) I can not wait until this mini transfers are done! but we are staying together so it is like uneventful. But obviously good. This coming week will be a little nutty. It is already Tuesday. We will be in miskolc for zone training on friday and then in budapest sunday and monday for new missionary training for Sister Feil. Since we are so far away president invited us to spend the night Sunday. 

We found tons of new investigators last week which was great! Now we just need to get them progressing and to church. It was hard because one of our bap dates kinda of like disappeared. So frustrating because he was doing so well and seemed so into it and so sincere. Hopefully in the new coming weeks things will change. And then the woman we put on bap date's husband said no! I was like are you kidding me. I hate agency. (obviously not but yeah) That got me thinking a lot to the type of guy I want to marry and so on. So I learned a lot for that experience. We were praying like crazy for her and then today we talked to her and she was like so I kept talking to my husband and she said that in the end it was my decision and he won't forbid it. So that was just an answer to prayers. In a week the Lord really soften his heart. So we are going to keep working to help her be ready for May3rd. The next hurdle is the mother in law. so we are going to fast together this weekend for that one. oh mother in laws. Mom I hope you are a good mother in law and I am thankful that Jenny and Ally have good mother in laws.

We had a tiny miracle yesterday. Well no a large miracle. Last week we went tabling with the Elders and I talked to the super nice woman and we set up for last week and then she reshedulced for yesterday. It had been a rough morning for Sister Feil so I was a little nervous for how this program was going to go would she be able to speak and bare her testimony, but she pushed through it. And this woman is one of the most prepared people I had met on my mission, which is so cool! She asked great questions and then we bap challenged her after the restoration and she was like yeah you know I think I will. I just feel like this is the right path for me right now and that I need to do this, that God wants me to do this. So then we gave her a date and she said she would prepare for it. may 3rd kept popping into my head the whole lesson so that is what I said. That is in less than a month and all we have taught is the restoration! but the spirit prompted us so hopeful we will be able to get her ready. She is so nice and said that she agreed to meet with us because I look like a friend she has from Australia (which Mom, reminded me of you Jan Griggs all over the world). So  Heavenly Father was really preparing her. I will keep you posted to what happends!

Loved conference it was amazing!!! I am so thankful for the guidance of a living prophet. And that the council he gives really comes from our Heavenly Father. What a blessing! 

Love Sister Grigg

This was our conference experience! Luckly it doesn't matter how or where you watch conference, Just that you get to hear from the prophet and apostles.

so nutty story. This is one of Elder Ward's (you know Jeff's friend, he is on a mission from La Canada too) converts in Ukraine. Like 3 months ago I got a phone call from her because she was in nyíregyháza vistiting. but that was when I was still in szombathely. I did not understand who she was. because she said that she knew my brother in Ukraine and I was like I definitely don't have a brother in Ukraine. Then she showed up on Sunday visiting again and I was here. She saw my name tag and explains it again but this time said that she knew my friend. Then she showed me a picture of him, and I was like oh yeah I do recongnize him he is my cousins good friend. So then she took a picture of me and a video of me to send to him when she goes back to Ukraine. So I am sure he will look forward to getting a picture of me. haha. small world though. oh Eastern Europe

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