Thursday, May 29, 2014

Week 58

Monday, April 28, 2014

Dear Family, 

This week was good. 

An investigator that Sister Moffatt and I tracted into came to church this week. It was great. He is more reserved, and we brought a different member with us to one of his programs with us this week. It was a recent convert so as part of the prep I asked him to offer to walk to church with the investigator. Sometime as a missionary we are really just friends makers, but it is fine. It ended up working out perfectly. 

This week was also hard. We decided to take a little break with one of our bap dates. She came back from Easter and had decided that she didn't want to be baptized any more because she doesn't think that is matter what church you belong too. That was hard. I totally teared up as I was baring my testimony of the restoration. She had just told us she was pregnant with her third child which she had been prayer for for months. She bore her testimony of how much sister missionaries have helped her because she has met with several. And I know that she will be baptized someday but now it just not her time. I suggested maybe we take a break. I didn't want to and we weren't planning on it because her baptism was supposed to be this weekend but during the program suggesting a break kept popping up in my mind. And she agreed and said that she was going to tell the Jehova's witness that she wants a break too. I just sat there thinking why do I feel like you have been cheating on me this whole time! oh well. It is just hard when we know that the gospel is the best thing for her and her family. agency sometimes is the worst. 

We found some really cool people this week. One was a guy that we streeted on Easter, and he is an older man. He didn't want to meet in the branch house so we met with him on a bench twice last week. It went super well. I just get really distracted on the bench. I told him that so hopefully he will be cool with going to the branch house the next time. He was the most amazing prayer. Who know that if you say "say the closing prayer" in command form (which isn't rude in Hungarian) they are more likely to say it than if you say "would you like to try and say the closing prayer" 

Remember the investigator who got baptized in Szombathely, and I am going to name my first daughter after her because of the deal I made with God. She is rockin life out in Szombathely. For her birthday she asked all of her friends and family to come to church and so 34 people came to church that week of her family and friends! She just wants everyone to have the oppertunity to hear about the gospel. She is such an amazing example to me of member missionary work. To her it isn't missionary work, it is just sharing the best thing in your life with everyone. 

ok well love you all tons! 

Sister Grigg

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