Thursday, May 29, 2014

Week 8

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I'm sitting here in sacrament meeting typing out this letter because
since we have iPads we can read and type out the letters we receive
and send but we can't send until pday which sounds super reasonable to
me. I'm writing cause I'm trying to stay awake. It's so hard it hasn't
even been a week and I'm so tired all the time. My new companion is
awesome but we wake up ten minutes early to go running in the morning
and it's just super hard for me to get used to! I'm trying but I'm a
little frustrated because I can barely understand the many different
accents so when I'm in lessons it's hard for me not to zone out. So we
basically have more missionaries here than actual people it's so funny
we are the only Hermanas in our ward but there are 4 sets of elders
they are pretty neat. The people are really nice and they do feed us a
lot but I'm always hungry, es una problem para mi. All the women here
have a custom of kissing on the cheek and I'm getting used to that but
it's hard to remember! The iPads have plethora of church stuff on
there like every single general conference talk ever and everything
you could possibly want! We have taught all less actives but one
lesson actually was with a investigator even though she wasn't ours
because the elders were fixing her bed so we taught but now she's
getting baptized on April 12th so that's good for them! She's so great
we really didn't teach her much she was super ready! Her husband is a
recent convert and they moved from the Dominican Republic were
everyone is from, but he was baptized there, now he works at the
temple which is so cool by the way! We are going to try and go in 3
weeks because we already have so much planned for our next couple of
p-days! So the elders and Hermanas here have a major problem with only
needing like 2 hours of sleep and I get made fun of for wanting to
sleep until 6:30! Like come on they all wake up early and play sports
together and I just want to kill myself, I probably will die from lack
of sleep. The city is full of people and I'm still not used to Harlem.
Everyone says it's a great area but it's just kinda full of weirdos
walking up and down the streets. I'm starting to see a weird sense of
humor from the missionaries here. So only our district has the
assignment of teaching only a certain demographics and ours is single
Latina women and boy are they talkers! You ask them one question and
they are off and you lost tHe lesson! So difficult so it's super easy
to just fall asleep... I need to work on my hearing skills because
Puerto Ricans and Dominicans talk fast! So my mission president is
super awesome both he and his wife are like second parents they really
take care of us which is sweet. Thanks for all the support!
Love Hermana grigg

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