Thursday, May 29, 2014

Week 50

Monday, March 3, 2014

Dear Family, 

I hope all is well. Happy Birthday to Ally!! woot woot. the big 23. If you just say "the big" infront of every birthday number it makes it sound more impressive. 

This week was good. We started helping an investigator quit smoking. He rocked if for the first 4 days and slipped up on the 5th. That is ok though. I can't imagine how hard it would be, after smoking for 40 years, to then try and quit. spiritually he is doing super well. So that is good. He felt incredible guilty, which is also a good thing. We talked a lot about repentence the day before he slipped so it was neat to see afterward how the spirit guided us to teaching that the day before he really needed it. So we started again. And he is doing great again! Came to church and stayed for all 3 hours for the first time! and then got a priesthood blessing afterwards and felt on cloud 9. Plus there were like 6 of us fasting for him so I think he will be good this time around. It was neat to still feel the Savior's love for him despite the slip up. Heavenly Father I know is proud of him for trying again. It wasn't failure just a little set back. But ironically cheaper cigerettes don't flush down the toilett as well. Back in Szolnok when we had a few investigators trying to quit smoking we had then give us our cigerets and we flushed them down the toilet. And so when he slipped up he bought a pack and smoked to so I made him give me the pack and we took it back home and they were super cheap cigeretts (the were in Russian and just you could tell...I don't know how because it is not like I am experience in the way of cigeretts and brands and such. Everyone and their dog smokes here and you can just tell. well I think I can tell would be a better way of putting it) and they didn't flush as well. ok there is the fun fact for this weeks email. 

We put another investigator on bap date this week! He is 21 and needs the gospel! I can already see how he has changed in the past week! He's demenor is happier. He is opening up more in programs. He is more freely asking questions and making comments. it is really cool. We also help him with english and he is reading the Book of Mormon now instead of doing the little English assignments we give him. So we take that as a real sign of progression! 

We had splits in Debrecen. And something way cool. So Sister O (my trainer) served there as a sister Training leader for a bit and while I was on splits with a different Sister Traininer Leader I go to teach someone that sister O had found! It was so neat. She is so legit and prepared for the gospel. She recently got married and she was saying that she is trying to live the Word of Wisdom and her husband who isn't interested in the Church is game to live the Word of Wisdom with her. Which is a huge deal because they are pretty young and used to party a ton and recently both have quit smoking. And she was saying they chose to stay in now instead of going out with their friends because their friend drink and they don't want to go and be tempted to drink. So she was asking us for ideas what we did with friends in college instead of going out with other friends who were drinking because they want to invite their friends over and have other thinks planned but she didn't know what. I was such a great program. She is so legit! It is so true. Young Single Adults have to be creative because it would be so easy to just say ok everyone come over and drink and then you don't have to plan things. So thankful for the Word of Wisdom...hidden small blessing. It makes us more creative! haha.

Ok so great week. Looks like this week will be pretty good too. One of my most tender investigators is getting baptized on Saturday in Szombathely! So sad I can't be there, but it will be great because her husband will be baptizing her! 

Love you all and hope you all have a fabulous week!
Sister Grigg 

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