Thursday, May 29, 2014

Week 61

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dear Family,

So it is back to the big city for me, but this times I will be on the Buda side of the river! I will be serving with Sister Fowers, who is 1 transfer ahead of me (this is her last transfer) and so we were in the MTC together for like 3 weeks. I have always wanted to serve with her so I am super excited! Oh and I will be a Sister Training leader.

This week was good.

Cool thing of the week. We went on splits. I was in Debrecen with Sister Rupard. We had lots of finding time, and we really wanted to make it effective finding. So we tried to follow the spirit. She lead us to a part of the city and we were walking and I was like the way the building right infront of us feels. We get in and it is like massive 10 story. It was one of the most sketchiest buildings I have been in. We started tracted and she is like we are going to get let in on the 9th floor on the right side. We finish the top floor and at the end there were 2 women knocking on the door right next to us and we were like oh hey to start talking to them and they go we are cops. they were pounding on that door. so we just went down to the 9th floor. and no luck on that floor but there was a really nice guy that let me use his bathroom. we got to the 8th floor and on the side that sister Rupard said we would get a let in we did! we chatted with this cute couple for a while and they were like where is your church and I was like can we come in. so they let us in. We had a rockin program. sister Rupard and her companion went back 2 days later and then they came to church last week too! 3 days after we met them! which is like unheard of for Hungary! It was so neat. So there is a very specific story. Sister Rupard said the program was so good when she went back and that they are so prepared. It was neat to be a part of this couples start in the gospel.

We went to the Zoo this morning. You all know how much I love zoos! like so much. so I am sooo happy right now. haha. love zoos. 

ok well have a great week!
sister Grigg

This is one of my favorite néni's in hungary. everyweek she would walk up the stairs and I would greet her for church and ask her how she was. She would always say. "so good now that I saw you and am here". She helped us out in a few programs too. She left church early so I didn't get time to tell her that I would probably be leaving so we stopped by her apartment yesterday. And she goes this is perfect I never started cooking this earlier but something told me.. Klari get cooking already. And now it makes sense because your her. So she end up feeding us lunch. She is just such an amazing example to me of living the gospel. Her live is hard, but it is no questions asked she lives the gospel, comes to church everyweek alone, pays her tithing. She has been saving up money for 14 years out of her retirement every month to make it to the temple in Germany and finally at the end of the summer she will be able to go. She started crying when we talked about me leaving so then I cried too. She has no idea how much she helped my testimony!

we went to the zoo with sister Jensen this morning!

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