Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Week 27

Monday, September 16, 2013

Ok so this weeks letter will be shorter because I sent lots of pictures. I know everyone is so excited to open their inbox and see a billion pictures of me :) Being in the city is great.

First off, happy mission call Katie! That is beyond exciting! I so knew you were going to go Spanish speaking! Back to the East coast and our roots. Love it. The New York Spanish speaking mission has no idea what a great missionary they will be recieving! For real though.

It has been a really good week. We worked really hard, and I know that numbers are not everything, but it was really nice to see the numbers go up as a result of our hard work, obedience, and relying on the Lord. Lots of knew investigators and our member presents increased. The ward wants to help we just need to ask!

We got let in a number of times tracting and it was so fun! It was great and helped remind the three of us that people are ready and prepared for the gospel, even in this huge city. One time we were tracting, it was around 7:30 and we were just so tired. and we went into a building next to ours, got in magically and we were all just kind of down and so I said we are going to get let in tonight. To be honest I had absolutely no idea. But I wanted to try exercising my faith my companions just kind of looked at me and said okkk. 15 minutes later we got let in by a super cute young girl who had a beautiful view of the city (learned the word for that from her that night) and amazing taste in books (harry potter, lord of the rings.. not a big deal). Then the next night we got let in twice. once by a young couple who was like come on in. and he had the best questions about prophets and such. We are so excited to go back this week. Then the next was we had a bout 10 more minutes left of working until we could head back for dinner and so we we like ok a few more doors and the next door let us in. I was a little confused by what she was saying at first and then realized that she said we could chat if she could work while we chatted. It was so fun. She was doing someone's nails and we chatted about the gospel with both of them and we are going back this week to have a "mormon" party as she calls it. so funny. I got so many compliments on my speaking this week which was a nice confidence boster. apartenly I have a funny accent that Hungarians in Pest enjoy because people keep telling my how pleasing it is to listen to me speak. ha. ok. These other 2 let ins were super cool because we did the same think. Ok we are getting let in tonight and excersized our faith in the Lord and he provided. My theory on finding that has worked thus far is that as long as we are trying our best to talk to everyone we can then the Lord will put in our path the people that our ready. The next step is talking to people on buses and metros. so scary.

We didn't really have time to go tracting other than those 2 nights because we had too many programs set up :))) but we got dogged A LOT because that is what happens when you just set up with people on the street. It happened in Szolnok too but that is ok. One of the people that did show up from off the street was so cool! I loved talking to her, I learned the phrase for a guy was not my type in Hungarian from her. not a big deal. haha. As my Hungarian has improved, I remember how much I enjoy talking to people! Which is one of the reasons I wanted to come on a mission. To talk to people about Christ. We put someone on bap date this week. We weren't planning on it but the spirit told us we need it to. At first, Attila is his name. He is an older man in is sixties I would guess. At first he wasn't into setting a date but then we talked more about it and decided on december 21. I love being on a mission and I can not imagine not being a missionary. Lucky for me I still have a year left!

I love watching people progress. We had a second lesson with someone and it was great to see him progress, even if it was just a tiny little bit! I love the gospel I know that this church is true and I am so thankful for the Book of Mormon.

I hope all is going well!
Sister Grigg

This is the shoes by the Duna. Since I am now a city serving missionary, I take artsy pictures. It is so not a big deal. The shoes a memorial to holacaust victims in Hungray during world war two because they would line them up at the banks of the Duna and then shoot the people into the river

more shoes

Hero's square with the companions

Her is a picture of Parliment. Unfortunately it is like under construction or something so you can't get that close right now. Hopefully before the end of my mission the construction will be finnish. Mom and Dad, remember that brutal puzzle?

Remember St István's nap? well here is a statue of the king at Hero's square. he is a cool guy. And then here is a pretty church inside of a castle with some pretty floors. If I translated the sign right I think it was like some sort of agrictulture musuem inside an old castle. I dunno. We just walked through the outside.

We walked half way across the chain bridge (not all the way because that would be in Buda and not on our side of the river so we can't cross without permission) I believe that it is also the same bridge that katy perry was on when she filmed her firework music video. or that is what everyone keeps telling me. I don't remember. So that is me singing Katy Perry. It is not a big deal.

And then me and Elder Christensen on the chain bridge. He was in my district my second transfer and now is in my district again. Don't you just love the awkward elder sister pictures?

we went walking along the duna last pday and around parliment. Don't worry. I keeped things classy by drinking a coke along the river in memory of Mom, Aunt Lynda, and Jenny.

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