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Monday, September 9, 2013

Dear Family,

The city is sooo different than little old Szolnok. I don't really know how to describe it, but it is just so different. I will learn to love it just like I loved Szolnok. We take public transportation like no bodies business, which is cool. But really. so much public transportation. There is much more travel time than in Szolnok. We took the bus there, but we also could pretty much just walk everywhere we needed. Except for like 2 places.

We meet in English a good amount, which is so interesting to me because that is like a first on my mission. It is so different. You have to really watch what you say and make sure it is actually from the spirit and that you aren't just talking to talk. I guess the major method of finding people in Pest is through English classes and they want to practice their English. There are just so many people here! There are tons of people, yet no one really wants to stop and talk to you. It is so different.

Our main investigator here is named Laci. He is in his early 20s and has been taught all the missionary lessons but something is holding him back from the gospel. He is really neat because he is like a sponge. He just soaks it all up: the book of mormon, the for the strength of youth, gospel principles manual. Something super funny is that we were talking and we found out that he listens to heavy metal, while he reads the scpriptures. So one of his commitments last week was to read the BoM while not listening to heavy metal.

Another investigator we met with is named Krisztina. She was really neat. She is the youngest grandmother ever! We were on our way there, and it was our first program as a companionship. We headed there and were going to teach the Word of Wisdom and Sister Messinger grabbed Law of Chastity pamphlets instead of the WoW and so she felt like we should talk about pray instead and we get in there, and I was asking questions to get to know her and she said that she doesn't fell like God is hearing her prayers anymore. It was perfect! and we talked about prayer, shared some good scriptures (my personal favorite about prayer is in 3 Nephi 18) there was a verse that talks alittle bit about Satan and we didn't read that one and then she talks about how sometimes she feels like there is a little devil on her shoulder (so funny to hear that in Hungarian!) so we read that one and she loved it!

The Pest ward is also the international ward so there are a good chunck of Americans. Church was so loud yesterday! It was something I hadn't heard in such a long time because there was only 1 child in Szolnok and she was 8 and never cried during church. haha. I was also sitting right behind a family that had 7 children.

Something really neat that happened is that there was this couple and their little son who came down to Szolnok twice this summer and one of the time was when I spoke in church and she is a member, but her husband is not. They are super super nice. And they live in Pest! She told me to go find her sister who is inactive. She got baptized when she was 12 and was only active for about a year. So we went and saw her where she works. I think I may have talked about this in a letter home a little bit ago. And so I saw the couple yesterday in church and went and talked to them. She told me all about how her sister liked that we went and saw her were she works and how she really enjoyed us. It was so cool. And the husband who isn't a member told us to go back so funny! I am excited to have this relationship already with them and hope that maybe we can get the husband interested in being baptized. He said the closing prayer in Sunday school, so I wonder what is holding him back.

There is a good sized YSA program in the city between Buda and Pest. We went to one of their activities on Friday because we have 2 YSA aged investigators and it was neat. The youth and them are where it is at in Hungary right now.

Love you tons and hope you have a wonderful week!

Sister Grigg


these are my companions. Sister Magda and Sister Messinger

we found a door with 2 door handles while tracting. so strange.

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