Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week 1

Thursday, February 6, 2014 

boo boos m here safely and everything went alright, i didn{t really cry on the plane, funnily enough i didnt actually put any music on my ipod but its all good. LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH. Until my next letter where i can telll you more!!!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

P day is today!! its warm here and really nice! thanks for sending off robins packages! oh i forgot to tell you Dallin H Oaks came to dedicate our mtc last sunday it was really cool! love you!

To Mom: 

bahah you need to teach your clase mamma!!!! hahah you crack me up. yes the first day waws probably the hardest day of my life i could not fall asleep m pretty sure i had a   panic attack and it was scary but all is better now and everything is great! but i miss diet coke a ton you know? food is is nt amazing and everything does have cheese i mean really? the language is uber hard! and im sorry i could not get pictures this wekk! i know lame! my companions are awesome sister burley and sister wright we all get along super well and we love our district!i hope grandma is doing okay! how are you boo boo? mexico ispretty awesome all the people here are pretty cool and nice. good luck on the job hunt!!haha thats awesome about kate hanson! tell me all about it! exciting about the architect!!! im so excited to see hwat it will l look like! bahha so my pdays are on thursday! and i hope i run into billy too but he didnt email me!! neither did jenny go yell at them k? thanks for all your kinda words and i loved the letter i found even though it made me cry. i love and miss you and talk about you tons!!! hopefully i will master spanish soon! i love you more than the world okay mamma? always know that!!! oh great now im crying.... okay well i think thats all you can read dads letter too obviously! i miss your hugs and please send me stella and merlin and annie pictures!!! you are the best!
Aww tell sister peterson i say hi too and im sad that i couldnt say goodbuye to her either! maybe give me her email please?

To Dad: 
Hahha i am soo sorry that you are cooking for yourselves now! i loved your email it made me laugh! i miss you and thee first night believe when i say was very hard but i promise you that being here is the right thing for me and i love it and im so gladi stayed! i was ready to come back on the next flight but now i love it! i am in a trio and i love my hermanas so much they are the best! my district is pretty cool as well! what has been going on there? did you put that money into my bank account? por favor mi padre! i love you and i am so grateful for your love and support. the weather here is pretty great in the mornings it is cold though. i dont know if i have time to write one big letter for the blog just maybe write somethings about how i am but i am more focused on writing you guys you know? thanks for the pictures i left my camera in the casa sorry you will get more next week but i did take pictures. so dont you think that it was funny about my ipod i mean come one!! okay so i really regret not taking as many shirts because im already running out and some really dont match my skirts! and i wish i had brought lotion they dont sell any here. so we cant go into the temple beacuse it is closed but we are going into the visitors center soon which is still cool!! how is everyone? i dont actually have jenny or billys email address can you send me it? even though THEY SHOULD HAVE EMAILED MEEEEEEEEE but you know im cool about it obviously. so the language is really hard but im trying. they threw us right into teaching out investigator but we are almost done with our first one. sorry but i do not like the food and mom was wrong there is OHH SOOO MUCH CHEESE in everyhting. but they juices are good so im drinking a lot to make up for no diet coke which i miss so much! oh well
love you and i miss you!

love hermana grigg

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