Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week 46

Monday, February 3, 2014

Dear everyone,

Katie is a missionary!! How exciting is that? Two Sister Grigg's in the family at the same time. She is going to be a wonderful missionary! I am so proud of her decision to serve the Lord. I am sad I didn't get to listen to her whole farewell talk, but it was so fun to hear the sounds of her voice!

We had a great week! One of our investigators got baptized! B. He is 16 years old. It has been quite the rollercoaster teaching him and getting him ready for baptism, but I have learned so much about life and what it means to be Christian. I think it also helped me learn to be a little more patient. But if I am being completely honest I am still not that patient. Rough life. I am working on it. He is such a tender guy and during his baptism the member that spoke about baptism talked about how it isn't every day that you see a 16 year old boy make this serious of a decision. One who wants to follow the savior one that wants to put God first in his life and shows that make making covenents with him. It was really humbling experience to be a part of his conversion process. Looking back I can really see the Holy Ghost at work. Because in the end, it is the Holy Ghost that converts people. All we can do is try our best to invite the Holy Ghost so that our investigators can feel like.

Weather wise it was a rough week! It has been snowing like all week and than yesterday is was like raining but is was froozen but not quite hail. So we didn't walk to church yesterday we really ice skated. It is rough. When we are in a hurry, which is like all of the time. The walking is really hard. But when we aren't in a hurry than it is soooo fun! It is like being on an iceskating rank without the ice skates!

This week has been really neat to see they why the Lord can work through us if we let him. For example we walked with one of the sets of elders to one of our investigators so they could give her a blessing. And it was like a 40 minute walk so we decided to take turns talking to people that we saw on the street. Like every other person kind of thing. It was our turn so we talked to this cute girl and ended up talking for a good amount of time and set up to met with her on Thursday. It was neat to see how our mission corellation meeting ran long so we missed the bus so we had to walk so that we could talk to this girl. The Lord really is preparing the people of Hungary for the gospel. T a different investigator has had 2 bap dates and it currently praying about his third. I have been fortunate to teach him the whole time he has been an investigator and looking back the past 3 months with him it is amazing to see the difference in him even if he can't see it. He is just a better person because of the gospel. It was so neat to see him come to church yesterday when a good portion of the members didn't come because of the weather. How neat is that? I am prayins so hard that he will get an answer to his prayers and get baptized in the next few weeks!

Ok so life is great. we are working hard. the weather is horrible but we are blessed with a good amount of teaching. tons of funny things are happening. sorry I can't share them all. we ate rabbit this week! it tasted like chicken.

Love you all and have a great week!
Sister Grigg

Benji's baptism 

there is a bakery called boston pékség I don't know what it is doing in hungary

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