Thursday, January 30, 2014

Great Week

Monday, January 27, 2014

We had a great week this week!

Our 16 year old bap date passed his bap interview and is getting baptized on Saturday! We are so excited for him. It has been quite the rollercoaster ride teaching him, but he is now ready. Tender kid. We were practicing the interview with him because he was so nervous. When we talked about tithing he was like you pay 10% of your income and then later you get more back in return! I was like noooo. spiritually you get back more in return but not more money. or at least not all the time. Because the member that helped us out in that program with him told him about how he payed his tithing for the first time after being baptitzed and them 2 days later got some unexpected money back in the mail from something so the 16 interpretted that differently. so funny. 

P, the guy that B met on facebook and then brought to us. Came to church this week for the first time! Stayed for all three hours too and loved it. He brought me a present. It is a little book of Hungarian saints. He said, "They are all saints because they preformed miracles, and I saw this and thought of you because you are now a saint in my life because you are preforming this miracle for me. Meeting you has completely changed me life." Geesh we have only meet with him twice, and he has only been taught a restoration! the Book of Mormon is powerful. We are talking about the Plan of Salvation tonight so that should be exciting!! 

We did another church tour this week with a different bap date and he loved it!  (It is always interesting to me when people accept a bap date before they come to church) The only councilor in the branch presidency was there and he was awesome. It might have overwhelmed the investigator a little bit because when we got to the little geneolgy center in the building he told him that Hilter and Stalin's temple work has been done. Oh gosh. Our investigators goes, " that is morbid." so I changed the topic. haha. but he felt the spirit really strong in the branch house. 

love you all!
Sister Grigg 

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