Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happy New Year

Monday, January 6, 2014

Dear Family!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful New Years. We had another extended Pday from 2pm on New Years Eve to the day after New Years. And it was great! There was a super fun branch party on New Years Eve and we had several investigators come (one came a little drunk so that was a little awkward and a different one in a mini skirt and everyone freaked out. it is fine.) we got permission to stay until 9:30pm and be home by 10 because we live a half an hour walk. And the walked home so was fun because there were fireworks going off the whole time. In Hungary the only time it is legal for people to do fireworks is from 6pm new years eve to 6 am new year's day. And let me tell you that they went off for the entire 12 hours straight.

We started off the first week of the new year well. B who got baptized a few weeks ago is doing super well, sharing the gospel with everyone like a champ. We had dinner last night with some of her friends. She told us to be chill and then one of the first things one of them asks me is are there rules about what you can't eat or drink. As he had just come back from being outside smoking and was holding gin in his hand. its fine. so I tried to not be all intense and just be like there are a few things that we believe that aren't healthy so we don't eat or drink them. and he asked for examples. and so I said alcohol and cigerattes, calling him to repentence in true missionary style. it's fine.

The church members were awesome this week with our investigators in church so that
was such a blessing.

We had some great experiences tracting this week. We tracted into 2 families. One was so funny. The kids were nuts. We ending up having to do I teach a little bit while sister Daniels plays with the children and then we would switch. They were quite for about 1 minute during the opening prayer. The little boy put on a puppet show for me featuring a doll with out a name and a turtle. he did magic for Sister Daniels. The little girl was dancing the entire time and the mom was holding a 3 week year old. It was nuts but so much fun. Hopefully things will be a little more calm when we go back this week.

Last week was good but not without its trails. Everyone says that the good outweighs the bad on a mission and the good moments are so wonderful you forget about the bad. And I completely agree with the first part. The good is very very good, but at least for right now I can still remember the bad and the sad and sometimes it is so hard to not blame yourself. Like this week we had to push back 2 bap date that should have been this Saturday. And one of them I can't help but think it might be my fault. If only I had been more bold, better at the language or more this or more that. And one of the Zone Leaders today called to ask why he was off bap date, and after talking to him I thought maybe I should've just scheduled the baptismal interview, he probably would have passed. Maybe I just got nervous because the new branch president was in the lesson with us. The list can go on. I the end I tried my best to followed the spirit and Sister Daniels did too. I just hate the feeling that I could be a hinderance to the work rather than a help. I hate the feeling that maybe I prevented someone from entering into the covent of baptism. Maybe I halted his salvation. And he will probably be fine and get baptized in a month or maybe less time. Sister Daniels and I just have to trust the spirital prompting that we both got in the lesson not to schedule the interview. And if we felt that way during then am sure it still applies now even if I am doubting that spiritual prompting we received. It is like what the Lord said to Oliver cowldry in the early chapters of D&C (I have recently started reading that because I just finished the BoM as part of a distric goal to read it before the end of the year). I spoke peace to your mind what greater witness is there than that. I am being Oliver coldwery and doubting that my previous spiritual promptings. Preach My Gospel says you are a successful missionary when you follow the promptings of the spirit and can feel the Lord working through you. Sister Daneils and I did that so we were successful missionaries despite the unfortunate situation of 2 bap dates being pushed back.

Oh well, I ended this email on a little more of an intense note.
Love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!
Sister Grigg

christmas day monopoly

branch new year's party and our christmas tree

new years party

Christmas Eve dinner at the members than after I threw up. 

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