Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Week 39

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It is transfer week once again. And Sister Daniels and I are staying together again!!! I am so excited. I feel like Sister Daniels is like another Katie, Jenny, or Ally, or something, just one of my sisters. I am so glad we get to spend the holidays together.

It was a great week! There was someone I taught in Szolnok who got baptized and then 2 people I taught in Pest got baptized and then there is another baptism in Pest on Saturday and President gave me permission to go to that one because I will be in Buda on splits so I am so excited for this week! And we have a few people who will be baptized this coming transfer here in Szombathely so that will be fun to help them get ready.

One of our investigators ended up in the hosptial this week! So Sister Daniels and I went and visited her twice and were able to get some teaching in. She said a prayer with her own words! It was amazing.

Another investiagtor invited us and all the elders over for dinner so that was super fun and she is getting baptized soon and then it came out that she doesn't feel like that the LDS church is the only true church. We couldn't even address it because we had to run to another program or else we would have been late. But we met later that week and talked about it and the great apostacy and asking God our questions. She still really wants to be baptized because she likes all the commandments and the friendship. It was so neat. While she drove us home we passed another church and she asked if we knew what it was and we said yes and she goes, "oh they are different they are not like us Mormons." It was the best. And then yesterday as we were walking to the branch house to meet with an investigator she called and goes I am forsure about my baptism (I didn't know she was unsure  because we scheduled the bap interview so I was a little confused on the phone) and she goes I know it is all true. And so I asked how it happened and she shared a cool experience out of reading out of the Book of Mormon. It was the neatest thing to hear her say, " I know it is all true. I know the Book of Mormon is true." I am just so thankfully that Heavenly Father blessed her with a moment like that so for the rest of her life she can look back on that time with the Holy Ghost as the moment she got her answer. I feel so blessed that she called us and shared that expereince with us. This is the same girl that I made the deal with God that I am will name my firstborn daughter after her if she gets baptized. And she is going too! I am so happy for her. The gospel will bless her life so much!

Love you all so much!
Sister Grigg

There is a nice christmas thing set up in the main square

They celebrate Mikolás here and it was the 6th of December. So santa comes and brings chocolate into the kids shoes, which they leave on the windows. So sister Daniels and I tried it and what do you know. Mikolás came!! so great. Interesting fact about that. On christmas it is Jézuska or baby jesus that brings the presents. so I asked what happens if they don't believe in jesus and it is still jesus that brings the presents.

And this is the investigator that was in the hospital. [A/N: I have no idea where this picture is.]

part of the district

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