Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Week 44

Monday, January 20, 2014

Dear family!

We had a crazy but amazing week this week! We had tons of programs scheduled all throughout the city so we didn't really have time to take meals. I felt so guilty because I scheduled them and poor Sister Hinckley was just coming in new to the area. And then blessing of all blessings we got fed a bunch of times! so we didn't starve. The Lord was certainly looking out for us this week.

We had some crazy cool experience. I told you last week about the boy that B met on facebook and then picked us up to meet him. That was last monday and then he went to institute on Thursday and then we meet with him last saturday and put him on bap date! How wild is that. It was so cool. The read from the Book of Mormon and said that both times he read that the message had been directly for him. so he knew that the Book of Mormon was true. He is 29 and the member is 24 and then there was only member there that is 26. It was so power sitting in that room listening to these 3 young single adults talk about how the Book of Mormon has changed their lives. one of which isn't a member yet and the other two were only baptized a month ago! It was one of the most spiritual moments on my mission, and I feel so blessed that Heavenly Father let me stay in Szombathely to be a part of it! I am so grateful that I got to stay. We have some really great work going on, and it is so humbling to be a part of it. I really just feel like an instrument in the Lord's hands. He keeps guiding me to these awesomely prepared people. I people are ready for the gospel.

Going on that line we put Z on bap date this week too! He is the one that got a little confused when we taught him the restoration because he thought we wanted him to become a prophet. Well we went back twice last week with a member and we taught him the plan of salvation and he was beyond prepared to learn about that. He loves his family. He had all the right questions: there can't just be a good and a bad place, what happens with all my ancestors who didn't get to be baptized and it went on.The member was so excited by it all too. So we gave him a bap date and he pulls out his work schedule and says he is working that day. but let's plan it because he can get it off work to be baptized. I was like we can do the saturday before and the saturday after but he wanted that saturday. It was really great. We are hoping to start meeting with his whole family soon. He understands that they all need to be baptized to get to the celestrial kingdom so hopefully we will let us come over when they will all be home. I meet his wife and daughter once but not to teach them.

We did a church tour with a family that Sister Daniels and I found and have been teaching. They are waiting on their answer to know if the Book Of Mormon is true. They are really interested in the gospel and we have really been working with them. The Church tour was great and they are finally going to come to church for the first time this coming week!! I am so excited for them.

well I love you all and I hope you all have a great week!
Sister Grigg

I got to see Sister O at transfers. She specifically asked if this picture would go on the blog so I had to send it home.

before Sister Daniels left we got to take a few pictures with people

those are all padlocks on the gates of the cathedral in town. It is a Hungarian thing. I have seen it before in other cities. I need to ask what the tradition is behind it.

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