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Great Week

Monday, November 4, 2013

Dear Family and Friends, 

It was a huge holiday week in Hungary. All Saints Day so November first is a huge deal here in Hungary. They don't do Halloween but on All Saints day the go to the cemetary and decorate the graves of their loved ones with flowers and mostly candles. Unfortunately, because of the holiday literally all of our scheduled programs cancelled on us this week and we had a super hard time getting programs and teaching. One major miracle of the week is that the elders told us that the cemetary would be super cool that night so we arranged our schedule to take our dinner hour to walk around the cemetry. We went into the city to look up some people and that was not successful at all but we did a lot of tracting and everyone said they were hurrying to the cemetry so not going to lie we were all a little down hearted. you know the whole trail of the faith thing before this major miracle happens. So as we walk into the cemetary we run into the mom of the investiagtor who I said if she get baptized I'll name my first daughter after her. And she invited us over. we called B (our investigator) and she was in the hospital with her grandma and we hadn't been able to meet with her that week and she said she would come home if we were going. So after spending a little bit in the cemetary (which was beautfiful by the way in the dark with all the candles and such) we headed out to walk to their house which we didn't really know who to get there but thankfully Sister Curtin, who was leading the way must have had a rockin personal study because we got there. And the mom and 2 relatives were there and they were really nice and gave us some of the pizza they were making but actually they were super rude and make super sly comments about our religion. and B got there and was great and we asked if we could share a spiritual thought and everyone agreed and the spiritual thought was a disaster and they shooed us out of the house and B drove us home. But then the 10 minutes in the car with B was amazing. She committed to a bap date on December 21!!! She came to church again this week and stayed for all three hours and brought the big group of kids with her again. It was so great. We had this hard week and day but that 10 minute car ride made it all worth it!! 

so zone conference this week with President and Sister Teixera (who is a seventy and the area president for Europe) was really great! They said a lot of inspiring things especially regarding referrals and progressing investigators and teaching shorter lessons. He had some great analogys too which was awesome. And he is from Portugal so he didn't know it, but I felt like we had a special connection. I lead the musical and I have never been so terrified to conduct music ever haha. So we are trying to implement those things in our companionship. I am so lucky to be serving with 2 great sisters who are open to lots of new ideas and we are just continually trying to improve our teaching all for the benifit of the Hungarians. I am so blessed and said that this companionship will only be lasting for another week probably. So we are going to make this week one of the best weeks on our mission. 

Funny story I may have accidently told a new investigator that the Book of Mormon has pictures of Brittney Spears. It is like not a big deal and we are going to be best friends now because he is obsessed with Brittney Spears, and I told him I went to a Brittney Spears concert. Not a big deal. We are meeting with him again tomorrow and it is going to be great. 

Love you all and have a great week!
Sister Grigg 

I think I told you that we live in a super nice apartment because it is a senior sister's who left from Szombathely and is on a mission right now in Hungary. So this is definitely the nicest missionary apartment I have seen in Hungary.

the great bedroom...sorry its a little messy

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