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Monday, November 25, 2013

Dear Family,

It was such a great week!!

I am just so relieved that it wa..... it is snowing. I am no longer relieved about anything.

Ok so in all seriousness I am just glad that Sunday is over! It was a great Sunday because Elder Walker of the seventy came to our branch. But it was being broadcasted to the whole country and I was playing the piano, and I have never been so nervous to play in my life!!! I kept wishing that I had practiced more as a kid and that I had taking lessons longer. Why did I not listen to Mom and Dad? ok but I am greatful that I could play and do that service for the branch because hymns are super important to a service and bring the spirit.

So everyone is doing superwell. Investigators wise. There are some great stories for this week! One of the best is with T. He is doing so well. He is always unsure if he will meet with us more than once in the week but then calls us and says ok. Way cool that he is 28 and willing to give up a little bit of his Saturday evenings to meet with us and learning more about the gospel. But we met with him and we were talking about how the Word of Wisdom went because he had gone to a concert and that is what he had just taught him and everything was great there and he told us about the concert and he told his Book of Mormon with him to the concert because he wanted some blessing getting to and back from Budapest in safety. Such a riot. He took is Book of Mormon and left it in the trunk of his car, instead of just like reading it before he left Szombathely. Sister Daniels and I were laughing so hard as he was describing it! so great.

We had some tender moments with B this week too. I love her so much. We had a great law of chastity lesson and here is the 24 year old and the thing she is the most worried about right now is finding a mormon boy to marry to raise a good solid family. It was a super awesome lesson because of the member that was there who has raised this huge family and a bunch of there kids who grew up not in the States have married in the temple and stuff and so it was great for B. Then the next lesson she asked about polygammy and the Word of Wisdom because she had been reading online. It was my birthday and pooring rain outside so she gave us a ride home because we were going to do weekly planning. and the car rides with her are the best. That is where she committed to baptism and she was telling us that she asked about the word of wisdom because she was going to a birthday party for a friend that night and wanted to know what she should say when people would ask why she wasn't drinking. It was so cool because Sister Daniels and I both didn't grow up in areas with lots of church members so we had a great conversation with her. Then she stopped at the grocery store near our apartment and she told us to wait while she ran in and we were like we can just walking from here it is super close and she goes no just wait one minute and then I figured out it was because she wanted to go run in and buy me a birthday present. so cute. We convinced her that it wasn't necessary. She is so nice.

We tracted into an old man he is way cool. He treats us like his granddaughters and we met with him twice last week and then he came to the conference.

Ok so have a great week!
Sister Grigg

Eat lots of turkey for me!

Sister Daniels and I are getting ready for Christmast before thanksgiving. Since Hungarians don't do thanksgiving I figured it is appropriate. We love the advent calender thing that the young women and young men in the La Canada ward put together. They are the best. We put all the presents underneath the tree and unfortunately they can't be seen here.

here are some of my favorite ornaments. The one that says Dear Elder Grigg (I mean hey it can be confusing...Elder, Sister) ok no I am sure it was just ment for Jeff. I hope he got one that said Dear Sister Grigg.

The one that says I hope you are having good experience in Chile. Because hey Hungry and Chile. They are really similar. one is food, the other you wanted to eat food.

And of course the one from Holly :)

Here is me and Elder Walker and Sister Walker. The member of the seventy who came to Szombathely yesterday. His talk was so great!! Small world Sister Daniels family knows the Walkers pretty well.

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