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baptisms are the best

Monday, December 16, 2013

It was such a good week! Because I got to go to an investigators baptism in Pest! It was amazing. I was on splits with Sister Westover in Buda (which was great) and so we crossed the river and went. It was so great. She had also served in Pest and on the way there I just thought a lot about my time in Pest and how much I loved it. Sister Messinger and Magda and I had a lot of really cool things happen with our work while we were there. It was such a great period of my mission. It was the neatest thing to be at the baptism because it went like how Sister Messinger, Sister Magda and I imagined it. We invited a member our second program who then came regularly once a week. And after we walked out of that program we were like Stephen is going to baptize him! and He did! I said the closing prayer and afterwards Gábor said, "as soon as you started praying I thought, I know this voice and all those feelings came rushing back to me from all the times we met." It was so nice. I was just so touched that from my voice the Holy Ghost brought to his rememberence all the times I had met with him and taught him the gospel. It wasn't the words I said that he remembered but the fact that we had the Holy Ghost will us during all those times of teaching him the gospel. When he came out of the water I was just overwhelmed with love for him and so happy for him and making those covenants with Heavenly Father. I was standing next to Sister Magda who was one of my companions when we found him and taught him. We walked back into the chapel together with our arms around each other, smiling. I leaned over to her and whispered we did good. We were so young in the mission, didn't really speak Hungarain, and had no idea what we were doing, but we did good those 7 weeks. We worked hard, we found in him, and brought the Holy Ghost to our programs, which was all that Gábor needed.
 Going back was great. I got to see a few other investigators I taught while in Pest and a few members that helped us out.

This upcoming week should be a good one as well. We are going up to Budapest again for zone conference. We have to get up at like 4 in the morning and we wont get back til late. Which is a little stressful because it takes out a whole day of working. We are getting an investigator ready for her baptism on Saturday! We are so excited for her. She passed her baptism interview this past week and is excited for Saturday. I am so excited. She is one of the reason why I feel like I needed to come to Szombathely. It has been amazing to teach her the gospel and watch her progression.

Merry Christmas!!!
Love you all
Sister Grigg

So I got sick this week and the branch members and our investigators freaked out. I got lots of "gifts". One incident was super funny. It was 9 at night so Sister Daniels and I were planning for the next day, and we got a phone call from a member that said they were outside our apartment. Sister Daniels and I walked outside and there were 3 members while tea and medicine. It was super tender. And also they felt guilty because one of them was the person I got sick from. Hungarians literally make the best tea ever. Sister Daniels and I learned the secret so no worries.

Gábor's baptism in Pest!

more of Gábor's baptism

One of the members here in Szombathely, who Sister Daniels and I are obsessed with. She got back from her mission in Finland like a month ago.

selfie shot of the district, the old one that is.

last shot of the district before 2 of them headed off for transfers. the elders are now in a tricompanionship with a new elder.

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