Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 35

Monday, November 11, 2013

Unfortunately no pictures this week. Our email places has random closings so we had to go into the city to go to a different library (that you have to pay to get into...lame) and we can't send pictures here) 
We had an amazing week this week! Ok so there is way too much to write. But we had a great mini 3 week transfer together, and I am so sad that is has to end because serving with Sister Curtin and Sister Daniels has been amazing! I feel so blessed to have had the oppertunity to serve with both of them. Thankfully, Sister Daniels and I get to stay together, here in Szombathely!!! We are so excited! I will be finishing up Sister Daniels1 training, which is exciting. When the 3 of us got together we made the goal to put 5 people on bap date to be baptized before the end of the year. It was a lofty goal beause we have 1 bap date who had been living out of the country, without contact for the past 3 months. So we got to work and had a lot of faith.

I already told you about B, who I am naming my first child after. This past week we put 3 more people on bap date! Including the one who I accidentlly told that the Book Of Mormon had pictures of Brittney Spears! T is progressing so well and he is the coolest. In our programs we are able to be super spiritual with him, but he is funny so we still can laugh and have a good time. Then M who is Z's wife who got baptized right before I got here, also accepted a bap date. It is definitely up there one one of my favorite programs on my mission. We watched the restoration film which gets them every time. The spirit was so strong, we were able to ask great questions to get her to bare testimony. We didn't go into the program wanted to extend her a bap challenge but we were there and Sister Daniels bore powerful testimony about the Book of Mormon and the restored church, and then Sister Curtin and I were able to build off of each other well. Sister Curtin was giving me the look and the spirit was so strong and so I asked her there was silence for a bit and then she asked to be excused and we talked to her husband and I was so afraid that I had offended her and I was like how good I have read the spirit so wrong. I thought it was the gift of discernment. I felt horrible and then she came back in and said yes!! It was such a great moment. It was also such a great lesson with companionship unity, paying attention to the spirit, and the gift of discernment.

So we went back and had a second lesson with this really cool guy who we have officially named cool G.. it is on the teaching record. He was so awesome. Brought us out dark chocolate. We have a great program with him about the restoration. He enjoyed it. We are hoping to put him on bap date on thursday. He is an engineer and designs stick shifts for cars and also is a DJ on the side. like can you get cooler? besides R in Pest who travels everywhere. She is way cool. I love that the gospel attracts all these cool people! Funny thing about that program is that when we left he tried to give us money. so great and slightly offensive because it was only the equivalent of like 3 dollars. I guess we aren't worth that much. 

So winter has officially hit, and we offically are Hungarian because drinking fruit tea like no bodies business. I rained literally all day on Saturday and we were walking outside for most of the day so that was rough. We were soaked. And then yesterday was the windyiest day of my life. We were literally being pushed from the wind onward, which was cool until we had to walk against the wind. 
I think Sister Daniels and I have to speak in church on Sunday because all the Elders spoke this past Sunday. it is going to be rough. 

Well I love you all have a great week!
Sister Grigg

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