Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 36

Monday, November 18, 2013

It was a good funny week. Transfers unfortunately take up the entire day because it is a 3 hour train ride if you take the fast train and a four and a half hour train ride if you take the next fastest. and so that was unfortunate. The rest of the week was great though! It is so nice to be back just in a companionship instead of in a tricompanionship. I loved all of my companions but doing missionary work as just 2 again is so nice! Less stressful.

We meet with O and her mom A and they are the funniest riot together. O is getting baptized in a month and she has been taught most things but then went out of town for several month to Italy to work and just got back. So we were doing a refresher on the Word of Wisdom and tithing and her mom is starting to get way interested, which is great. Asking us questions about what happens if she doesn't get baptized she has been reading the book of Mormon. They are Mongolian and have been living in Hungary for over 20 years so they speak Hungarian. A told us what our husbands are going to be like. She said that mine will be very funny, cheerful, and a good cook. He will always make me try things that he makes. Translating it sounds weird, but it sounded funnier in Hungarian. And that I will have 6 kids. oh goodness. I can't handle that. And Sister Daniels husband will be very proper and a diplomat. haha She wasn't a fan of marrying a "boring, serious diplomat". haha.

Sister Daniels and I spoke in Church on her birthday, and it went well. This coming Sunday, Elder Walker of the 70 is coming to Szombathely for district conference (we aren't in the stake), and it is being broadcasted to the whole country instead of having normal sacrament meeting. And no one knows how to play the piano so I have to play and let's be honest I am not that great and there is a choir musical number and all of my past investigators and converts with see it! Oh goodness. I am nervous.

T is progressing so well towards his baptism in a month. After we taught him about repentence he asked the next lesson if he was doing it right after he explained how he repented in his prayers. He is so great. Came to church for the first time yesterday. It is the perfect balance of being serious about the gospel and laughing and having a good time. He doesn't like Harry Potter though. Problem that I have to get over.

We are teaching a famous Hungarian singer. Not a big deal. She was on the TV on friday (everyone told us, obviously we didn't see it) Last time we meet with her she brought us Abba lyrics that she would be singing because she wanted us to translate them so she would know what she was singing about. so great.

Have a great week!
Sister Grigg

We had dinner at a memebers house last night and they invited over a family (it turns out that the dad of the family is the catholic community president...not quite sure what that means). The girls where super nice and Sister Daniels and I chatted with them a lot and we celebrated Sister Daniels Birthday!!!

Transfers were this past week. Here is the tricompanionship that I was just in with Sister Daniels and Sister Curtin and then the other one is the tricompanionship I was in before that in Pest with Sister Messinger and Sister Magda. That is an investigator in Pest. She is so awesome. She went to help the other sisters in Pest with the luggage and I had no idea I would get to see her. I love her so much!

Here is Another birthday picture of Sister Daniels and I

And then this is the three of us and one of our investigators who is getting baptized in a month. The one I accidentally said the book of mormon had pictures of Brittney Spears. Hey it didn't hinder anything. He is so awesome. In this picture we said be like Brittney Spears. haha.
He had his mom make Sister Daniels and I gulyés on Saturday. It was so good. The day was freezing and it had been a long day and that was the last thing we did before we went in for the night so it was perfect.

I haven't sent home pictures in a few weeks so I can't exactly remember which ones I have sent home. But here is Elder Lynch at District Meeting. Yes he wore that communism soldier unifrom. Sister Daniels loves this pictures because check out her photobomb in the background. nbd.

And then the three of us before transfers infront of the big cathedral in town.

Here are pictures from All Saints Day that I talked about a few weeks ago, when we went to the cemetary and saw all of the graves lit up. It was so pretty and I like how they spend that time of the year way better than we do. 

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