Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Transfer week

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

So I am staying in Szombathely, which was a shock. Everyone thought I would be the one to leave. But I am staying and Sister Hinckley is coming. We were in the MTC together for like 3 weeks she is just 1 transfer below me. I am really excited she is super cute. We were also in the same district towards the beginning of my time in Hungary when I was in Szolnok and she was in Kecskemét. Sister Daniels and I are sad to be departing we had such a good time together here in Szombathely. We saw some really neat miracles happen while we were together and found some very prepared people that we are still working with. She is going to Sopron and opening sisters there for the first time. It is closest city to Szombathely. So we will still be in the same zone, which is exciting.

We had a wild week this week. We found this guy tracting 2 weeks ago and met with him for the first time and we taught an awesome restoration. Probably one of the best ones on my mission. Sister Daniels and I were really rockin it the spirit was there super strong and he was really understanding and asking great questions. Then when we bap challenged him he didn't quite get it because he thought we were asking him to be a prophet. haha. riot. and he didn't want us to come back. I was just like no way. we are not loosing you. So we chatted and he said ok you can come back so we went back with a branch missionary and had a great lesson and he already feels like the Book of Mormon is true and he only read the introduction. I love how fast Heavenly Father answers prayers sometimes.

So our recent convert has been doing missionary work like no bodies business. The elders are meeting with her mom's boyfriend's family. And we have meet some of her friends. She brings new people to church everyweek. This week she went back to the homeless place and brought 5 men from there in addition to the 6 children (they aren't really kids though). so sister Daniels and I sat next to her and rigth infront of the homeless men. And they were trying to sing the hymns (a few of them were not completely sober) and for some reason I just felt the spirit so strongly. I have no diea why but it was a touching moment. Sister Daniels and i looked at each other trying not to laugh. We had the funniest experience this week. We got out of program and we had missed a call from her and so we called her back and she was like do you have time and we had dinner left that night so I was like yeah she was like where all you I have a friends who wants to meet you. so she came and picked us up and we went to the branch house. I was asking how they meet and they had met 30 minutes before on facebook. she was like on date and asked us to come crash it. haha. but we had a neat program with him and set up again for next week. She just wants to share the gosepl with everyone. It is great.

We helped a woman quite coffee this week. she is on bap date for march and her husband got baptised a few months ago. It was a great program. we had just figured she was living the wow because her husband was. She was super nervous becausein the past when she tried she would get really bad headaches. but we told her we would pray and fast for her. Her faith was strengthened immensly by this. It could seem like such a small thing to the Lord someone trying to quite coffee but since it was important to her it was important to the Lord and he helped her.

Love you all and hope you all have a great week!
Sister Grigg

the woman who quicked drinking coffee this week an her husband.

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