Monday, May 13, 2013

Arriving in Hungary

Monday, May 13, 2013

Dear Family!

So I am here! It finally came. I am really glad that I had been to Europe before because it feels like a mix between Jerusalem and Europe. I am in a town called Szolnok, and it is me and my trainer, Sister Oberhansely, and then 2 elders and then also a senior couple, which is fun. They don't speak any Hungarian so they just kinda shove pass along cards at people (in a nice way) and then try and get them to write down their phone numbers as well to then give to us. Last week they got 5 phone numbers so I guess it works :)

So my trainer worked hard in Szolnok last transfer and for that I feel very blessed. We have 5 people with a baptismal date and we are hoping to put 2 more people on bap date this week. We have lots of programs (that is what everyone calls lessons here) which is nice (I was not expecting to have very many), but also exhausting. I try and speak during them, but it is hard when I don't really understand what is being said. I am trying though and I speak more everyday which is good. I feel like I am starting to understand more as well, which is good.

I got to introduce myself in church and bare my testimony. I was really nervous, but it went really well. Afterwards everyone came up to me and was like oh my goodness you have only been in Hungary for 5 days and you speak like that! And they would say I am a very good speaker and then I wouldn't be able to understand anything after that which is slightly ironic.

We have taught some very weird people but everyone needs the gospel, especially weird people I guess.We'll see if those weird people go anywhere.

Cool story number one. This guy called and invited us to his birthday party, which was just going to be his family and he wanted us to meet them. So we went and it was on one of our very strange days, so we were like if it weird we will peace out. So it was good and they gave us cake and asked what we were doing in Hungary and we told them about missionary work bore our testimonies about the gospel and families asked them about their religious background and beliefs and I said a prayer at the end which was terrifying. We left a book of mormon and some pamphlets and we set up again with the birthday boy (who is not a boy but 32) and he is going to church next week and says he has been reading from the book of mormon and really likes it so I think he could be legit.

Another cool experience. Was we had a first program with a man and he is crossed eyed so it was slightly erie at first. But once we got going it was so good. He was so sincere about it all and accepted the restoration and we read a little from the Book of Mormon with him. We told him how he could know of the truthfulness of our message and taught him how to pray and then asked him to say the closing prayer. It was the most sincere prayer I have ever heard. He thanked Heavenly Father for us (it was super funny he didn't know what to call us so he paused and said for these the people) and then he also asked Heavenly Father to let him know if this was the right path for him to continue down on. If it his he will continue on it. We are meeting again with him this week and are hoping to put him on bap date as well. I think he is my favorite right now :)

Streeting is good. I'm not really afraid to stop people which is good and my trainer has already had me do some on my own which is good but terrifying because I don't really now what they are saying.

Love you!
Grigg Nővér

With her mission president & his wife in Budapest

Skyping with Mom & Dad on Mothers' Day (5/12/13)

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