Tuesday, May 21, 2013

First Week in Hungary

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

So this is been a very busy week. first off today is Tuesday because yesterday, and I think all weekend was a holiday in Hungary. So none of the stores were open yesterday so we switched our PDay to today. Everyone just said that it was some Catholic Holiday so I can't really tell you what it was.

So a week ago we were planning for the next day and for some reason we felt prompted to make a goal of getting super standard this week. Which is like a set amount of numbers that the mission has set. And it was literally like the hardest thing I have ever done. We skipped meals and when we took them we would only take like 10 minutes. But I know that we were blessed for our hard work. And it was good that it was my fist week because then it set the standard or pattern for me of diligence and hard work for the rest of my mission.

We actually got feed a lot this week, which is a big deal. Only one scheduled. It is so touching to see this people so generously give us there food when they themselves have so little. Like one was with a less active family who is returning to activity which is exciting. and they had the smallest amount of chicken for dinner and wanted us to eat some. We didn't take any of the meat but we had some bread and the soupy stuff the chicken was in. Then they gave us palacentaz (yeah Hungarian spelling is hard) which is there pancakes) and it was just really touching. Then one of our investigators feed us twice! both times they had already eaten so they just kinda of watched us which was awkward haha. They were laughing because we weren't eating the chicken with our hands which I guess is the norm. The said it isn't fish it won't bite you. Then the next day we went back over and they insisted on giving us dinner. It was neat because his daughter came out and talked with us for a while and that was the first time she was willing to come out of her room. They gave us pig and it was in this massive like sausage link type thing and I am pretty sure it was just every part of the pig ground up and put into the huge link things. Oh my gosh. So gross. I was trying so hard not to thing about it. But I know that they don't have a lot so it was so generous of them. We put him on bap date this week for July 20th which makes 6 investigators on Bap date!, which is so exciting! And I extended the invitation and it was in understandable Hungarian! He this was Friday and he wanted to get baptized that Sunday. ahah! but we hadn't taught ay of the commandments and he smokes so this week is WoW and helping him to start quit smoking. He tells us how much he loves us all the time and his wife who isn't as excited about the gospel but says that she needs more time but she wants to be baptized eventually. She says we just have a sparkle in our eyes.

So I went tracting for the first time this past week. and let's just say I was a little hesitant to go. But it went fine. I felt a little like a criminal trying to get into the 10 stories. so you have to get buzzed into the building and then each floor on either side has another buzzer thing so it isn't quite just like knocking on doors. We have a lot of programs so we don't have many chunks of time to go tracting. Mostly we do tabeling with the elders. in which we have a table display of book of mormons and pamphlet and we go street people close to the table so I have done several on my own because we get more numbers if we go individually and it is terrifying because I can say somethings to them but I have no idea what they say when they are answering my questions so then I ask them if they would like to exchange numbers. hahah. it is going well though. Neat experience while we were tabling on sunday. A 22 year old girl just came up and asked what the BoM was (a Mormon könyve) and that was the first time someone has come up to us and my companion was talking to some one else a few feet away so I was flying solo and it was rough but good. we read 2 paragraphs in the into. She looked at the plan of salvation pamphlet and I told her that God has a plan for her and it was good. when I asked to exchange telephone numbers so was so eger which was awesome. she was with her daughter and then 2 of her sisters.

Ok peace and blessings.
sok szeretettel
Grigg Nővér

so one of our investigators who is so good about coming to church and the branch activities and things but won't let us sit down and teach her much called and said she wanted to drop by fish for us..... oh goodness. it was during comp study so we went down and got it. She is a really cute 21 year old who always is doing nice things for us. she made a gyulosh (or however you spell it). she just wants so hang out with us and be friends but we are like we need to teach you the law of chastity. she has a bap date in 3 weeks and loves the branch and church so we will see what ends up happening. so this is the fish. we put it in the oven and I tried is and I actually kind of liked it which is like such a big deal for me as you know. but it was the most mild thing in the world.

This is a picture all missionaries in the MTC take. She's pointing to her mission.

In the MTC.

my bathroom. notice the lack of shower curtian...nbd. and the water heater in the shower with us. when the hot water is turned on you can see the flame in there. it is pretty funny. and see the washing machine hose empties into the shower. very different than america but it is all good. I definitely take faster showers here which is a wonderful thing. 

here was our first night in Budapest when the assistants took us on a tour of the city. this is gellardge hedge (yeah my spelling has definitely not improved) which is where the dedictory prayer opening Hungarian for missionary work was given. 

Sister Cook, a friend from Massachusetts
"JRU Depth" with friends from Robin's Jerusalem trip
MTC teacher Brother Leferve 

this is my trainer sister oberhansely. she is wonderful. very sweet, loving, and patient which is perfect. one is the day we meet at the mission office and the other is from sunday

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