Thursday, August 21, 2014

Week 65

Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

This week was super good. We went on splits again withe the Győr sisters this time. It was good. We taught 2 law of chastitys but the went super well. One was with a woman so we brought a woman member there to have her talk about the blessing that she has experience in her life from living the law of chastity. I learned so much! It was so cool. I mean I already knew the obviously blessing some I have already experience and some I will in the future. She is probably in her 40s and she was saying that since she joined the church 2 years ago she hasn't had a relationship last longer than like 3 months. But it is a good then because they wouldn't have worked out anyway but it she hadn't been living the law of chastity then they probably would have dragged out and been like 2 year relationships. So it is saving her time. It was so neat to hear her testimony. I hope I explained that well.

We streeted along the Duna (danube) river this week. It actually went pretty well. It was an impromptu thing. 

We have been getting different members more involved which has been a super good thing and awesome for our investigators. We will have a Baptism in a week and a half. He is one of the most prepared guys ever! It has been the coolest ever teaching him. We like really aren't even teaching him, he is doing it all. He was the other chastity lesson. I gave him a family proclamation and he goes oh I already read this online. Like say what. And he watch some conference online, felt the spirit super strongly. He already invited people to his baptism. We didn't have to ask him too. Like how cool is that? We are finishing teaching him this week and bap interview will be this week too. We are so excited for him.

Ok well sorry for the shorter email this week. Mom was online so we emailed back and forth.

i am a babe. i know. it helps when there is the rockin background.

we went to the hospital in a rock last week. it was super neat. it is underneath Buda Castle so it like really is in a cave. I was a Nazi hospital during world war II and then it was used during the 1956 revolution... just google it.

Bogi and us after the "I am a Mormon" filming (2 weeks ago)

Sister Daniels (remember her? we served together in Szombathely) came up because she is training. She got to spend the day with us today while her new missionary was in new missionary training. It was so fun! We got permission from President to cross the river and go to Parliment. So we went and took a tour of the inside of Parliment. It was so pretty. All the English tours were sold out so we did it in Hungarian.... it was mostly understandable. some fine details like what kind or wood it was were lost on us.

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