Thursday, August 21, 2014

Week 67

Monday, June 30, 2014

Dear Family,

We moved apartments this week which was a little stressful! We have a baptism on Saturday which is super exciting.

Happy Birthday to Katie and Jenny! 

I am so grateful for commandments this week! For a few different reasons.

We having been teaching an investigator at this members house once a week and on Sunday the member came up to us and told us that we should have soften the commandment of tithing and such. It was so interesting because The commandments do not come from us missionaries. We are just the messengers. The commandments come from God and the scriptures are what he says about them. And I have learned that teaching someone the commandments is a wonderful thing and that they can receive so many blessings in their life from them and that they can be free of guilt as the start repenting and living accordingly. So who are we as missionaries to deny our investigators these wonderful expereience. Sister Fowers and I have been talking a lot about this. 

I got the biggest testimony ever of Family History this week. We met with a recent convert and the ward family history consultant, and it was so cool so see her entire her family tree online. The spirit was so strong! Sister Fowers and I made the goal to spend 30minutes every Sunday when we get home doing family history. 

ok well love you all 
sister Grigg

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