Thursday, August 21, 2014

Week 71

Monday, July 28, 2014

Dear Family, 

This week was really good. Transfers were nutty. We helped the assisstants take the new missionaries out streeting, with Sister Fowers leaving, and other meetings it was all nutty. It was a neat experience to help them out streeting their first time though. 

My new missionaries name is Sister Cox. She is from a tiny little town in Southern Utah. She is great. Wants to work hard and is eager to get a hang on being a missionary here. Sister Magda and I picked up from where we left off even though it has been like 10 months since we served together last. nutty. and we were in a tricompanionship then too. 

The transfer has started off pretty well. We met with a few people that Sister Fowers and I had found the previous week, and two of them are already progressing so well! It was really neat to see. One woman told us about how she has been having nightmares and since we gave her the Book Of Mormon she has been reading every single night and hasn't had any since then. How cool is that? The Book Of Mormon helps in all kinds of ways! 

Sad day. Our most progressing investigator that came to church last week for the first time absolutely hate church and then this week when we meet with her told us that she is done with all of this. So sad. 

An area seventy spoke in the Buda ward this week (perks of serving here :)), and it was so neat. He talked about what the Hungarian saints need to do to be preparing for a temple here in Hungary. 

Love you all! and Have a great week! 
Sister Grigg 

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