Thursday, August 21, 2014

Week 66

Monday, June 23, 2014

Dear Family, 

As with all good weeks they have their hard times. After finding out about Grandma Klein's death. I have been thinking a lot about the Plan of Salvation and the Spirit World since she is wasn't a member. Do you think that they start getting taught the gospel right away? I am so thankful for all the times that I have taught the Plan of Salvation on my mission, and I am thankful that I have a testimony of it and that I know it is true. I hope she accepts the gospel in the spirit world.

Our investigator passed the bap interview obviously. He is so prepared for the gospel. We went to teach tithing, and he goes oh I read about this online. Then in church yesterday the bishops wife talked about family history and those new cute my family packets and he goes oh I am registered on myfamilysearch. I found it yesterday and started looking for my great grandparents and filling in my family tree. Like who does that? How cool is that? He is so prepared. His baptism would have been this week, but his friends weren't going to be able to come so we pushed it back a week so his friends can come. Like how cool is that. 

We had some new people in church was is always exciting because it helps so much in their progression. 

Nutty story. We have this one investigator on bap date and he has meet with the missionaries before several times. He says he really wants to get baptised but hasn't come to church because he said his mom wont let him (he is an adult). So we went over to his house with a member to teach the mom and his mom gave him permission to go. Then we left and he says I don't want to come. I have other stuff to do. We had been thinking about dropping him because we don't necessarily really think he was progressing and so this was the end. We had already explained that he can't get baptized without coming to church. We told him that we couldn't meet anymore. And he was like I am done with the church (he has met with missionaries before) and going on and on. And then Sunday morning he showed up to church! nutty right. so hopefully he comes again next week and starts progression towards his bap date in July.

Love you all! 

Sister Grigg 

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