Thursday, August 21, 2014

Week 72

Monday, August 4, 2014

So the nuttiest thing ever happened this week. Tuesday it was pouring rain. Our programs for that day had either dogged or cancelled so we had 3 hours of finding to do after dinner. We walked out of our apartment and it started down pouring. so we said a prayer asking were we should go tracting. we all felt like we should go this one way. so we went. had terrible luck. no one was letting us in even into the building. we kept going up the hill tracting the buildings we felt prompted too. It was approaching the time when it wouldn't be ok to keep ringing doorbells and on the comps goes lets do this last building. no luck. right across the street was a pretty yellow one so I said last one and then we go streeting. and this young guy answers and we told me we were doing a survey could we ask him a few questions and he said sure. (and we have permission to go into a guys home the first time if we get let in while tracting) he asks to switch to english because it turns out he goes to college in LA. he said we had perfect timing because he just wrote an essay about our religion. I was like Mormons? because most people in Hungary have no idea. He asked how we knew to come and I told him that we had prayed about where we should go and the Lord led us here. He goes oh know why it is because my dad is mormon. I said I had no idea. So we talk to the kid for awhile and then his dad (who is less active) comes home and we introduce our selves asked who sent us. I said God. We prayed asking were we should go and got lead here. He says nothing and walks into the kitchen. I was like oh he is going to kill us. Turns out he is a world reknown spine surgeon and they had a beautiful home. He comes back with super classy beverages and then sits down and we all start talking. It turns out he was the first branch president in Hungary. He was the only church member in the country when Hungary was dedicated for missionary work so he was with Elder Nelson when he dedicated Hungary and they are still good friends. 2 months before he had dinner with the Mission president and Stake president and their wives. His son had no idea about any of this. We had no idea about any of this. He tells us his whole story that his son had never heard before. Turns out his wife was the first person baptized in Hungary after WWII. the son had no idea. He told us why he is inactive. He did so much for the church here in the beginning it is so sad he is less active. The spirit was so strong while he was telling his story. It was such a blessing to be there. I know that it wasn't by chance that we knocked on his door and that the Lord led us there. Gave him that oppertunity to bare his testimony to his son. It was amazing. I know I still have 3 weeks left here, but it was like the Lord's way of telling me that I did what he wanted me to do here in Hungary. I love the feeling of following the spirit. Because of that I really feel like I have been a successful instrament in the Lord's hands here in Hungary. Obviously I am excited for the last 3 weeks!!! 

Have a good one!
Sister Grigg

gellert hegy
 just missing one set of elders and that is all of us in the buda ward

Here's the new companions. I know that you all have been dying for a picture! 
Sister Cox (the greenie) me and Sister Magda

Last pday we went to Gellert hegy, which is the place where Hungary was dedicated for missionary work. In the mountain there is also a church cave. So we took a tour of that. It was really cool.

These were our favorite elders last transfer out of the tons that are here in the city. And then this is one of their investigators that is getting baptised this Saturday. How cool right?

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